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Of course wrapping your head around all of the sites, personalities, and experiences that make up … well … that can be a pretty tall order. So we’ll try to be brief. First of all, we have an extremely difficult time simply being brief. You should appreciate that from the outset. We’ve been operating our little internet commune for better than two decades now, and the list of contributors spans an amazingly diverse range.

Essentially we report on the adult industry “from the inside” – a fact which actually makes some sense because the “inside” parts of adult entertainment seem to garner a significant degree of attraction, for whatever reason. We’ve basically been blogging since the concept had but minuscule recognition in an extremely geeky community. We have a social network of unique (and even potentially erudite – oooh) dimension. We enjoy sharing; think of it like that.

If you were anticipating a sales pitch for the membership site, we can give you the bullet points you might expect:

  • 27,000+ PAGES of Completely Personal Experiences
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Fairness dictates, however, that we be very clear about what we “do” around here, which explains the rationale behind this rather diverse section out in the free area of the Web. Certainly you have to be of legal age to view the vast majority of the Adult Diary that we publish. Even aside from that, though, you should understand that we traditionally use a lot of words in our presentations. You can skip them all and just look at the pictures and videos (and listen to the audio recordings) of course, but if you’re looking for typical porn site fare … honestly, we’re not that. We have been working in the adult movie business since 1990, however, and over the years many people have found the diary of the experiences entertaining to say the least.

When you never pretend to be anything that you are not, it becomes much easier as a general principle to remember what you are. That can be handy in life.

DeeIf you think we might be a group worth hanging with for a bit, use the search function up top to look around and see what you can find. Naturally, on the inside, fun little picture of Dee like this one get much bigger. Of course you could always register and see some of the sample entries to see exactly what we were doing at a few times over the years, that’s fun too. We created the “Free Side Blog” just for this purpose, in fact. You have to register (for FREE, obviously) to see the posts, but that’s about it. The registration will entitle you to receive our newsletters, but you should know this about that: We have been doing this Internet thing for almost 15 years now, and we have never once sent out a newsletter. Still, one can dream.

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Porn Contracts

CAssidyA Contract for Intimate Contact

Nobody Special

Legal “contracts” to have sex on camera for money — a porn contract, if you will — have to be one of those weird areas in “The Law” that confuses almost all the attorneys. If asked, they’d probably say something like, “Gee. They didn’t offer porn star management classes at my law school…. But if they would have, the classes would have been full — just for the guest speakers if nothing else.” Lacking the inclination, or perhaps simply the temerity, to launch into some legal tome today, though, why don’t we just try to look at it from the woman’s perspective?

You can almost always tell how well a production company treats its contract stars by how long they decide to stay. If they keep renewing the porn contract, things must be going well. As with many things that sound simple, however, there may be more meat to the analysis (pardon the expression).

In the early days a revolutionary marketing guy that had a company (well, his dad was involved in there too, but that gets really complicated) called Vivid Video put his efforts on the map with a woman “exclusively licensed” to his company. Back then, not many companies utilized the concept of contracted players, as the mainstream movie industry had done, but it worked wonderfully for SteveH. He ended up with a Ferrari, a Rolls, a Mercedes sedan, (or maybe a BMW — who can tell anymore?), a whole bunch of real estate, and presumably a whole bunch of dollars. At least that’s the outward appearance. By the late 80s, early 90s, some of the other company owners had noticed this, and so they began to dabble with exclusive performers of their own.

Legend had a woman named Danielle Rogers under contract for a year. They followed Danielle with Alexis DeVell (who was Risqué’s first client, as you might know). After Alexis came Nikki Dial, who interestingly rejected an extension with Legend to move on to Vivid. None of the companies really did much to compare with the marketing machine that Vivid had in place, though, so everyone still wanted to be a “Vivid Girl” when they came into the business.

Now there are way too many contract girl stories to go into them all at once, so we’ll just flash forward to 2000 when the woman we’re looking at today seemed to wander into the hallowed halls of what had become Vivid Entertainment. After doing a very brief stint with some of the … well, smaller companies, a young lass named “Cassidey” catches the interest of SteveH. Of course in this very brief time, she’d also had a half-dozen other names like Cassidy, Cassidey Page, Bobbie, Bobby,  and even Annie Bunz and Paisley Adams…. Here’s a hint for you aspiring stars out there: The absolute single secret to “fame” in the movie business (any kind of movie business, by the way) is longevity. So think carefully about your name before you decide to pick a new one, but at least stick with whatever you picked if you can…. So here’s Cassidy:

Porn Contract Illustration

[Yeah, well, this would be one of those galleries where we illustrate an erudite concept like a porn contract with an actual porn star, in this case Cassidy. While undeniably fetching, and actually knowledgable about our topic today, one finds Cassidy in this selection of photos enjoying a rather too intimate an experience for us to show out here on the free side where eyes of any age might run across them. We have no problem with words, as education takes diverse form if done well, but we believe not every picture should be for just any age group. … Yeah, we know. We’re weird. Our friends make fun of this stance, if that makes you feel any better. … We did find the one, admittedly fairly blurry picture of Cassidy before the “work” began for the day. Hopefully it at least conveys the coming attractions, as it were.]

Although the trend for porn contracts featuring exclusive players still may be for those “never seen on camera before” one can get by if they can bring something else to the table —like maybe whatever notoriety they earned while with their first contract company. Judging from release dates, however, (which is a little tricky, because Vivid puts out A LOT of compilation product), Cassidey/Cassidy/etc. seems to have stuck with Vivid (and Club Jenna, sort of) clear up until some time in 2007, when she went back to some of the companies that hired her before she became a fabulous Vivid Girl. Still, particularly these days, that says a lot about how Vivid still takes care of its contract players. (Also, they pay a lot, and that’s always nice.)

We have a hunch we might be talking about unhappy contract girls again very soon, but in case we forgot to mention, Cassidey is now under contract with Ninn Worx_SR. Women don’t stay with Ninn Worx for very long as a rule. It’s sometimes not the exception that proves the rule, you know. But let’s just enjoy a beautiful woman who may some day tell us a captivating story. And if you’re not Carol, or someone else with a dial-up connection, you can even hear her try to talk dirty. Porn women can be so cute ….

[Editor’s Note: On the date of the original publication, everyone knew what a “dial-up connection” meant. These days, some of you may have to do a search on Google. … While you’re at it, search this word too: FAUGH!]

And we promised not to beat everyone to death with stories like this today, so we’ll stop soon, but this seemed worth noting. One of the most illuminating talks I ever heard about contract girls was when company owner SteveO was lamenting Jenna Jameson’s “defection” — which is certainly what it seems like when that happens. Jenna, as you certainly know unless you’ve been living under a porn rock or something, became quite the celebrity after rising to an amazing standard off (at least to a degree) the money and efforts of the great folks at Wicked Pictures. SteveO happened to be talking to SteveH (yes, from Vivid) at the time, and Mr. H said, “Yeah. I learned my lesson with a girl named Ginger Lynn.”

You ever wonder why the company name tends to be much larger than the “star’s” name in advertising these days? … Well, there you have it.

Should you decided to join — which we hope, but certainly do not require — you can use this Cassidy Link to jump to the more “illustrative” presentation of porn contract history. You could always use the quite detailed search function too, but we’ve been around on the web over 20 years, so there are literally thousands and thousands of pages where you might end up. Just the word “contract” brought up 365 entries as of this date. … Although now that we think about that, if you hurry, you can look at a new one every day for a full year. Golly.

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