Getting Risque

cute dogs
The process of Getting Risque could take a slight modification in the normal way that you normally approach adult web sites. We are all adults. We happen to like adult-oriented material. And we happen to enjoy others things as well. It’s strange; we know.

As we may have mentioned by now (depending on what order you might be reading this), we all had a most difficult time trying to describing “the Risqué Commune” exactly — and how it has shape-shifted over the years. Basically this umbrella site exists as an ADULT DIARY of life in the XXX world. As you might (or might not) expect, this involves a lot of simple life activities, and we work hard to show those aspects too. We decided it might be easiest to just give you a few examples, but while you’re looking at them, imagine how confusing it must be to actually be around here. If you join you’ll have to spend some time on the Message Board. What a group.

Obviously when we used this little toy on the Membership Side of the site, we used a different type of picture underneath, but you get the point: Puppies for anyone; naked ladies for adults.

Now we also make an effort to show off some of the amazing talents of some of our friends. For example, Nikita made the following art pieces, and we should point out now what we said originally: 1. She used only MSPaint to make them, and 2. Even more amazing in our opinion, she did all of the pieces using only a Trackball, and not a mouse or a tablet. … And if you’re old enough to remember when trackballs were all the rage, you’re going to like this site a lot, by the way.

Appearances - by Nikita Gregory Dark - by Nikita Hamlet - by Nikita Hope - by Nikita
Appearances Gregory Dark Hamlet Hope

Finally we literally let you into exactly what our world happens to be, and has been. Think of it like a very long non-fiction novel. Just so you know, as of this writing in August of 2007 the site has over EIGHTEEN THOUSAND pages and some 150,000 images, movie clips, bizarre diversions (like the dog one above), and depictions of the general chaos of life in the Adult World. Those are rough estimates by using the search function on the computer, obviously. We asked, and nobody wanted the job of counting them all one at a time. Go figure.

We do love our jobs, however, and so we thought we’d end here with the actual Members’ Post from Thanksgiving of 2000. It is what it is, but you have to figure out what that means for yourselves.

November 23rd, 2000
My Personal Thanks
by the occasionally foolish, but generally fearless, leader

On this Thanksgiving Day in the year 2000, I wanted to pop in a (thankfully) rare personal note. This photograph represents, more than any other I can think of, the actual beginning of our evolution to the group we’ve become today. Taken in 1995, about five years after I officially started “managing” the careers of aspiring adult stars, I then began to see a methodology that might actually work. Never take yourself too seriously. Enjoy what you do, and most importantly realize you’re not trying to save the world. We’re only doing our best to entertain it a little.

The players have changed over the years, and I have a lot more help than I did back in those days, but the fact remains that I’ve enjoyed every step of the journey. I’m two score old now, and in about two and a-half more, I’ll be able to write a really cool speech. Until then, I want to thank you all for being part of the experience. And to the special people that have been a part of my little “risqué” group over the years, please know I love you all – even the ones that occasionally pissed me off. May the Force Be with Us.


misfit islandPS If you’re not up on your a risqué business history, and you’re curious, the picture here comprises the group of people that firmly secured our foundation as a management company. They are … Back Row: Lucky, Nikita, Juli Ashton, Vicca … Middle Row: Shayla LaVeaux, Guy, Taren Steele … Front Row: Alexis DeVell. It does not take a great deal of insight before you can understand the problem.

So that about sums it up at this point. It remains kind of strange, but we do have honesty going for us. We don’t try to save the world. We don’t aspire to epic literary fame. We just try to have a little fun, and let our members see what it’s like to live in “the adult industry” – ooooh.

If you check out our “New Stuff” links, you’ll see even more clearly what we’re about … . Oh, and we should probably mention that we use lots of unusual little icons to guide you around when you’re inside. No one has ever told us if they really help a lot, but they are pretty, aren’t they? If you can’t be useful, at least you should be pretty.


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To get right to the gist of the matter, they allow you to skip all the text and
jump right to the beautiful, sexually adventurous, women.
We have no idea why anyone would want to do that, however.

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