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You may contact risque at any time, but be aware that this will result in an actual human being reading your comments, be they praise or criticism. Honestly we welcome either approach — at least we think we would. None of us can remember ever receiving criticism, although that could be because we all have amazing, albeit selectively short memories.

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    We All Need Help Occasionally

    Dee at the feet of Devinn LaneYou know, quite honestly we’re not a very big operation. Still, that doesn’t mean we take our members for granted. One of the first things we made a priority was a 24-7 customer support line. We don’t expect you to keep our schedule, because we certainly can’t keep up with all of yours. So whatever time you’re on the Internet, if you have a question, we’re here to help. If your password doesn’t work all of a sudden, or you have a question about one of the postings, we’re here to help. If you’ve ordered from our catalogue, you can check the status on that. Even if you want to cancel we’ll help you. We’ll miss you, but we’ll still help.

    Does this seem like you now? … We’re sorry, but keep the faith.

    It’s very important to us to be available for questions or comments … so we’re here 24 hours to serve you! If you need assistance with your membership, contact our customer service department by calling:

    Contact Support Any Time!

    In the USA: 888-201-5505 (toll free) — Outside the USA: 661-252-5756

    Or by email:  


    Members get a wide range of personal access, which seems sort of appropriate for anything under the “Contact Risque” heading, all things considered. In addition to the quite active Message Board for each woman in our group, you also provide avenues for various life-journey interests.

    For more General statements or help, check out these options:

    • Do you have a question about one of the women in our pictorials or videos? For incredibly pithy response, contact …
    • Need some advice regarding a catalogue order? We know just the expert …
    • General rhetoric, comments, and suggestions for the web site or anything else,
      give a holler to …
    • Do you know a beautiful woman we really need to meet, or the location of a great Mexican restaurant anywhere in the world? By all means send your email to …

    Of course we show real email addresses inside the members’ area. We have learned over the years that this facilitates communication amazingly.

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