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Anais in her own Tour De ChanceMythical Juli Ashton

In very simple terms, we can exaplain our lives this way: They’re weird. That said, some people honestly enjoy hanging out with such folks as ourselves, and as near as we understand it, not everyone has a job that requires them to hang out with beautiful naked women all the time, so that little facet of our existence seems to add to the enjoyment level around here too.

This page seems a little odd perhaps. If you look at the quick list below, maybe that will help us explain. You see, because of the extraordinary nature of the people with whom we associate, quite often some very talented people will wander by and offer to put some of their skills to our particular uses. We’re not sure who invented the summer intern concept, but we definitely owe that person a beer. Consequently, although WHAT we talk about in the members’ area has a certain degree of rudimentary consistency, the HOW we talk about it can vary widely. We don’t mind this really, as sex business embraces nothing if not diversity.

Friends in WHOA! Places

  • Juli Ashton
  • Shayla LaVeaux
  • Serenity
  • Chasey Lain
  • Kaylan Nicole
  • Alexis DeVell
  • Jewel
  • Taylor Hayes
  • Norma Jean
  • Taren Steele
  • Vicca
  • Nikita
  • Asia Carrera
  • Jill Kelly
  • Dee
  • Emmanuelle
  • Devinn Lane
  • Julia Ann
  • Keri Windsor
  • Rayveness
  • Kristal Summers
  • Phaedra Alexis
  • Inari Vachs
  • Wendy Divine
  • Kylie Ireland
  • Georgia Adair
  • Angel Cassidy
  • Lola
  • Cheyenne Silver
  • Anais

Oh, Pun Season on Risque Clients

Although you may not spend much of your time reading our unmistakably keen insights, we need to confess that on the rare occasion our particular humorous look at life comes into play in the photographs and video clips as well. We want you to know that you can simply skip those too if you want. Or feel free to groan aloud. That’s what happens in the office. Just remember we did mention at the beginning of this section that this page may seem a little odd — although admittedly the “perhaps” probably rated as an unnecessary addition. On the upside, if you join us in the members’ area, you’ll get used to that in no time.

Puns 'R' UsD.Minion's Tour De Chance

If you don’t like puns, you might not want to read too carefully some of the time. Oh, pun says, uh, we … basically. And depending upon where you heard about a risqué business and in the first place, you may have heard rumor that we shamelessly deploy multiple variations of the flying Elvis on occasion. Well, we want to state for the record (and incontrovertibly, even) that … sometimes rumors turn out to be true. This can be either annoying or entertaining, depending upon your point of view.

risque elvis