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Inari Vachs and Cheyenne SilverThe Way We Were

by Cheyenne Silver

[A lot of people would not expect any sort of a “biographical moment” for an adult movie star to ever include the sentence, “I had flown out to PA to work with a friend on the oil pipeline….” Of course, these Cheyenne Silver Views reflect our traditional Risqué Philosophy, that being essentially, “Yeah, well normal people are boring.” … What follows, then, serves as a literal introduction to the weirdness — albeit definitely of the fun variety — in our lives. Why be boring?]

risque avn showIf someone had asked me back in September if I was going to be walking down any red carpet anytime soon, I would have said “Not likely.” I had been in two roll-overs in two months, one was a very bad one almost fatal, I was still struggling with pain. [Most of Cheyenne’s friends, instead of simply saying “goodbye” at the end of a phone call, have begun saying “Rubber Side Down!” – honest. This woman needs a NASCAR Pit Crew to travel with her. … If you’re wondering, Manuel and Katsuni, pictured here have never worked for NASCAR, at least as far as I know, but they do fit nicely into the “miscellaneous photos” we promised would accompany these articles.] I had flown out to PA to work with a friend on the oil pipeline until I could get caught up. As I worked the 10-hour days, six days a week, the fall leaves faded and winter befell the rolling hills, and I only daydreamed of the life I knew before.

Sometime in between, I reconnected with Lucky after a long time of being “lost in the ozone”, and was reconnected with the humor I remembered, leaving me regretful for having been out of touch so long. Nonetheless, from that first conversation, the next two months really began to roll … [If you daydream about your old life, and have nightmares about your new one, it seems like maybe you should change things up some. … I don’t know how deep it was, but the advice seemed pretty simple to me.]

risque avn showI decided to end my welding career for the gut feeling that told me to go back to LA to see what was in store. After making it to LA on my last dime and having the water pump in my Jeep blow, I did a signing that landed me enough to get to Vegas where I met with Lucky, D.Minion, and many more friends. It was like a dream; I swear. All the people I saw whom I remembered from long ago – their faces seemed so fresh, as if I had seen them just the other day. I reconnected with photographers, directors, other talent, and of course fans. 🙂 [Yeah, we talked about this in the Shayla segment. Cheyenne “connected” with some of us a lot differently than with others. … Sigh.]

cheyenne silver and friendscheyenne silver and friendscheyenne silver and friends

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