Hip-Hip KriShay!!

Deities ‘R’ Us

by Just Plum Nome

CythereaHey, if you can’t beat ’em, set about changing the rules. … That’s how we approach the issue. Understanding this, we have for some time believed that we really need to have our own personal Deity. Think how much easier life would be if you could just call upon a ZOT any time you wanted. True, it might not make you any more real friends in life, but the people around you would be a heck of a lot nicer, we’re betting. Toward that end, be prepared to be all dazzled and shit:

Our Risqué Krishay —

(Pronounced “Risk-HEY Kri-SHAY)

Kristal and Sort of Shayla

Granted, that discussion pretty much misses entirely the avowed point of today’s exercise, this being ostensibly focused on Fair Lass Cytherea, and our friendly (pretty much) jealousy of the man that gets to spend more time with her than anyone. We did, however, feel obliged (tipping our hats to the Duke, and Steve’s neighbors) to interrupt that quest one final time so that we might include a quick video clip of Shayla playing darts at our most recent Vegas gathering. The video pretty much explains itself, and honestly it “fit” better with an upcoming post throwing to a shayla.com update, but seeing as how Shayla will be in town before that happens, we felt … well, you’ll see. …

NOTE: Don’t go out and grab a beer or anything while this starts playing, though. The whole thing only runs 14 seconds, and that includes a good bit of freeze frame. … In addition to needlessly obtuse language, we also excel at bare minimum performance.

For our part, we’re now going to find someone that owes us ice cream so that we might get them to accompany us when we visit the person that owes us pie.

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