The Ginger Lynn Cytherea

A (Camel) Toe in the Water

by Nobody Special

Life goes on. You can sit around all day and do nothing, never answer your email, never return a phone call. These days you can even have groceries delivered via an online order, so you really don’t even have to go outside. But even if you do all of that, the world will simply move along around you. That turns out to be a pretty bad plan, though, as it can be pretty humbling once you realize that everything seems to go along just fine without you. Worse, if you started this hermit approach to life because of depression, well, you can see the downward spiral you have begun.

Hello World

Ginger Lynn Cytherea

Must be like riding a bike — you know, if you’re beautiful and everyone wants to watch you ride your bike.

cythereaCytherea has a surprisingly strong mind and will, however, so she chose a different path. She chose to stand up and start moving forward, despite the fact that dealing with the district attorney has been almost as challenging to her as was dealing with the assault to begin with. A week ago — almost three months after the rape to the date — Cytherea decided to come over to Ginger Lynn’s house and do one of the easiest gigs in the business, a shoot for GingerLynnAuctions. You basically bring over some lingerie or simple underwear that you can’t use in movies anymore and then pose in the “outfits” while Ginger flirts with you. As nude modeling goes, it doesn’t get easier than that.

Right before we started the actual shoot, everyone went out back to have a cigarette (or get a bit of fresh air, depending), when Ginger and Cytherea started talking. Ginger’s partner Nick had a camera with him, and he filmed what turned out to be one of the most powerful examples of a survivor’s state of mind that we have ever seen. Despite what now seems to be a plethora of words here, the clip effectively speaks for itself.

Talk the Talk