Cytherea Legal Update

Cytherea Legal Update

Rocks of Age

by Nobody Special

CythereaWe all make value judgments every day. You get older and maybe you recognize the risk in that a bit more, and maybe you even start to believe that you do not judge as you did in your youth. Sociopaths and Evangelists aside, we all like to feel as if we approach life — and other people — in an even, fair, and accepting way. Of course questioning the basis of one’s beliefs can get darned uncomfortable pretty darned quickly, so we get adept at the adult skills of rationalization and renaming. So we may not generally call them as such, but nonetheless we all make value judgments every day.

Certainly age gives us perspective, as does the varied life of a professional actor or entertainer. Still, some things exist for which you can never quite prepare. Unless you happen to be in law enforcement or somehow involved in the judicial system, for example, you most likely do not even know anyone who has been the victim of a violent crime. Having had a good deal more experience with it than I would prefer, actually, I can tell you one thing quite simply: It changes people.

We do not mean to place more worry here, though. Quite the opposite, in fact. Cytherea continues to recover and overall has been doing fine — better than you might expect were she some other “regular” woman from some other “normal” line of work. I took these quick shots with a (painfully antiquated) cell phone when we were at dinner week before last.


If you know her well, you can probably see the unusual, albeit slight, apprehension in her demeanor, and you can definitely see she has not spent a lot of time eating actual food in quantity lately. But she is handling this, and she absolutely wants everyone to know that.

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