A Little Harmless Squirting Among Friends

Squirting With Sean Michaels

Cytherea’s Harmless Squirting Optionby D.Minion

Wow! Day Two with Cytherea, and this day was going to be twice as nice because Sean Michaels was going to be her partner. Sean tends to be at the top of most porn girls’ “yes” lists. He’s handsome, sexy, nice, polite, and as Juli Ashton says, he has very long, um, fingers! [Sure. That’s the part all the women remember about Sean — his fingers.]

cytherea imageOur set for the day was a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. I remembered it from a couple of shoots with Dee and Brandon!  It had a stripper pole and a sex swing. (Plus a vending machine that contained beer, condoms, lube, douches, enemas, cigarettes, and batteries, as well as the usual sodas and chips! This was a house made for porn!) [Or capitalists, that could be it too.]

Cytherea looked super hot, and Sean was virtually chomping at the bit, waiting for their scene. “You look like a hungry shark,” Manager Harry laughed.

However, before the scene could begin, there were some things we needed to take care of. It would be a shame not to immortalize all this beauty with some photos. [You will be happy to know that as far as we can tell so far, D.Minion did not favor us with any moving pictures of lizards sitting still on this shoot. And if you do not understand that reference, just know that sometimes DM chooses some odd subject matter for her videos.]

cytherea imageCy changed into a gorgeous yellow bustier (Lucky had to tie it in the back.) with the cutest fuzzy stockings I’d ever seen. (Cy needed some help with those, too. Porn clothes are confusing. I never even attempt to help the girls into or out of their clothes. If it isn’t jeans and a T-shirt, I’m stumped!) [Well, presumably if you’re helping them out of their clothing you probably shouldn’t be all that concerned with the niceties of the various closing devices. Getting things off always comes much more easily — or at least you tend to be much less worried about how it looks.]

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