Vicca Nikita Initiative

The Vicca Nikita Initiative

A Photo Shoot with Russian Dressing

by D.Minion

Vicca and Nikita[As we mentioned in New Stuff, we ran the first part of this story a long time ago, but we’ll throw in a handy-dandy link back to it in case for some odd reason you’ve forgotten all the details from May of 2002. We can’t see how that could happen, but on the off chance that it has, we’ll continue our usual approach of kindness tempered with general bewilderment. It seems as fine a way to continue as any. … Oh! and naturally on the Members’ Side all of these photos get larger and actually don’t have the annoying “Sorry, Not for Free” junk on them. … On the plus side, the Vicca Nikita combination ROCKS!]

Vicca and Nikita live about two blocks from me, but I don’t see them nearly enough. You know how it is. They’re busy; I’m busy. Before I know it another month has gone by. So I was thrilled when Lucky asked me to go with Vicca and Nikita to a Topco Toys photo shoot. Vicca and Nikita are contract girls for Topco. That means their photos are on the boxes. Today the ladies were going to pose in many different costumes, positions, and configurations; and the Topco folks would put their pictures on their product boxes. Sounded good to me! [And it looked good too. Imagine that. … Oh, and by the way, the guy in the pictures is in fact Nick Manning, back before the fans spoke and he became Michael Ninn’s Golden Boy. Just like everyone he did a lot of various things on his way to … wherever he is now.]

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We met at photographer Art’s house. He has small studio in his backyard, and was busy arranging props and setting up lights as I arrived. I said “Hi” to porn stud Nick Manning.  He’s a sweetie with a killer smile! He was going to pose with the girls in some of the pictures. Makeup artist extraordinaire Red Velvet, was putting the finishing touches on Vicca, so I snapped some photos of Nikita in her purple silk robe. [Wow. Small world. Ms. Velvet has recently become the makeup artist of choice for Mr. Ninn as well. Maybe the stars are aligning or something. We should all go buy lottery tickets.]

Even More Risque:  Syren Sexton BTS

Then it was time for the professional photographer to get to work. Art photographed Vicca, Nikita (and sometimes Nick) in about 20 different costumes and in many different locations in and around his studio and his house. (Here’s some behind the scenes info. When you see the Topco boxes, you’ll notice that in some of them, the ladies are wearing matching outfits. Well, the outfits aren’t matching, they are the same. They wear the same size, and it keeps the cost of wardrobe down if they wear the clothes in succession!) [Gee. They didn’t want to buy two of the same outfit. It costs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to tool up a new product and they were worried about a couple hundred bucks. We maybe should have noticed this at the time. We did try to find you some pictures with “outfits” though. It wasn’t easy in this particular shoot. … Hey, naked is even cheaper than one outfit.]


2 thoughts on “The Vicca Nikita Initiative

  1. Victoria

    Hi! I like Vicca and Nikita so much and I want to know where are they now, maybe I can see their accounts on Instagram.

    1. notsoChicGeek

      That would seem unlikely, as they have been out of the public eye for a long time now. If one wants privacy, one need be very careful about social media, perhaps avoiding it altogether, even. We do still speak on occasion, though, so we’ll pass along your fond words.

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