Asia Carrera for Risque

Tempering Tenaya

The Tempering of Tenaya

So the trek continues as we’re plodding through all of the various big projects we have sitting in the queue, but considering our subject matter, we really don’t mind the work all that much, as it turns out.

However, not all the “work” seems “equal” to the various members of our team here, you probably won’t be surprised to learn. So when we uploaded a few gigabytes of data for Maverick over in London to think about while wearing his Video Editing Magic Hat, I wasn’t all that surprised to get a rather brief email from him that said something to the effect of, “Did you forget some files? Tenaya has her clothes on in all of this footage.”

Wanting to be both understanding and clear in my response, I typed something to the effect of, “Nope. Yep.”

Fortunately it rains enough in England that no one will have noticed a few tears shed by one more disappointed fellow in the landscape. Also, if you think about it, only a very foolish person would develop some sort of marketing strategy for an aspiring star these days without taking into consideration the quite useful potential of something like YouTube. Around here we try always to be just regular foolish, saving the very foolish decisions for other folks altogether, just so you know. Consequently we have a new need for video footage that doesn’t actually include “naughty bits” on display.

Enter Maverick. (Kicking and screaming, but enter he did.)

Now I’ve said all that so that you might understand that the video clips included today will not allow you to see any more of Tenaya than you might see were you to accompany her to a local beach. (And if you have a chance to accompany Tenaya to a local beach, by all means stop reading NOW and just come back to this later. We’ll be here.) On the other hand they will certainly allow you a rare view of young talent just beginning to get a grasp on the nuances of her chosen career. That can be quite fun all by itself, we assure you.

Even More Risque:  Erotica Los Angeles 2008

More to the point of satisfying the “We’ve got to have Nudity” majority around here than anything else, I have also included a set of Asia Carrera, interestingly completed by one of the interns that didn’t have to end up whining in any sort of Maverick fashion. Tenaya doesn’t really have much in common personality-wise with Asia, but for some reason a few Asia stories have come up as of late over the course of talking with Tenaya. Some things you just can’t explain. (And those things are dandy ones to just ignore, if you’d like to hear our local corollary.)

asia carrera for risque asia carrera for risque asia carrera for risque asia carrera for risque

asia carrera for risque


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