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Tenaya Prepares to TeaseAs a “rule” you have to be registered to see the sample (example) stories that we’ve put out here in the free area, but on occasion we will include bits and pieces on the front page here. OK. So it’s not very often, but we’ve done it before, and we’re doing it again, so that sounds like “on occasion” to us. (We’re fairly easy to satisfy when it comes to our own rationalization. Go figure.)

Well, registration has always been free, and we don’t sell or otherwise distribute any emails we collect, even though we keep planning to have a monthly newsletter that we’ll put together to send out to everyone registered. You should know, however, that this plan got put in the queue, well, sometime in mid 2001, and we haven’t quite gotten to it yet. You’re probably safe feeling that we’re not going to barrage you with emails, even if we ever do get to that once a month plan. Let’s just call it a hunch, shall we?

For now, you might prefer to think about Tenaya anyway. Now all adult web sites have video these days, and all of them fit into a very general “specific activity” category. Sure the variations on that theme could fill a college curriculum (and do in some places), but the “nature” of the videos, in a broad sense (if you’ll pardon the expression), pretty much all boils down to the same thing. Yeah, well, we don’t do it that way. Of course we have that sort of visual presentation too, along with the many, many thousands of accompanying photographs, but we also have something uniquely “risque” as far as we know. It seems that people might actually enjoy getting to know the people behind the performance, as it were, so that tends to be our focus. (We may be crazy, but we’re not stupid.) For example:

If you have some time, take a look around risque.com, and you can see we just don’t think about the “adult industry” the same way other people do. Now we wouldn’t swear that this constitutes a good thing, but we’ve been comfortable with it for a couple of decades now. And if we’ve gained any “Life Advice” from that approach, it would be this: At the very least, you should always amuse yourselves.

OH! And like all the other sites out there, “This video is MUCH shorter, smaller, and of lesser quality than you’ll see in the Members’ Area. Yada, Yada, Yada …’” On the upside, we did throw in a quick few still images from a later day in Tenaya’s life for you to look at. We try to be kind.

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