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Young Ginger LynnThe Triumphs of Tenaya

by Nobody Special

Regardless of more traditional issues of simple dollars for perceived effort, almost all women get into the adult movie business for a simple reason: Recognition. … Sure, the money can be enticing, particularly for the more youthful of the budding stars, but the actual “star” part of it plays no little part in the decision to disrobe for the cameras before strutting into that Doin’ What Comes Naturally part of the job.

Some of them, however, really do just consider the work a relatively simple way to make some decent income without much in the way of prerequisite skills or onerous time commitments to earn the wage. Take, for instance, our old buddy Tenaya. (Without a specific example, this would be a fairly pointless dialogue, after all.)

Although technically living in “the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area” at the time of her Penthouse Pet, adult start dallying phase, Tenaya lived a long way from the action in the movie industry, so her personal decision to only have sex with other women on camera made an actual “career” difficult to maintain. It turns out that landlords do not care if you have no money for rent because you would have to drive five hours round trip to earn your wages. She did, however, have a quite dear boyfriend, atypically accepting of her goals — to a point. This made her decision to only have sex with other women on camera not only acceptable, but actually necessary.

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