Nick Manning the Empire

Nick Manning the Force

Scripted BisexualsManning the “Stares”

by Nobody Special

Mention the name Nick Manning to any adult movie crew member anywhere in Los Angeles who has been on set with Nick, and we’d say odds are better than even that this crew member will immediately exclaim, “Droppin’ Loads!”

The more self-actualized crew members might say, “Droppin’ Fuckin’ Loads!” — but the point will be the same.

Nick has many, many interesting things about him, personality very high up on that list. Not many people can combine cerebral with an infectious, well, bubbliness probably describes it better than anything. Let’s face it: The “performance” aspects of being a male adult star generally create a necessarily introspective nature. You simply have to get your head wherever it needs to go in order to get your body to do all those biological things that allow you to get paid. Sorry to potentially disappoint here, but while filming explicit “love” scenes may qualify as a great many adjectives, not one of them will ever be romantic. Yet despite that, Nick always exudes a genuine happiness at simply being, flashing his inimitable smile — or even his more famous lascivious grin.

For our part, we will always remember Nick’s penchant for sunbathing nude while he waited on pretty much every set with any kind of privacy outside. That said, our favorite story has to come from the set of Michael Ninn’s Sacred Sin — the musical collaboration production Michael did with Eddie Van Halen. Nick played a weathered and angst-ridden detective, but that was not the unusual part. You see, Nick also liked to come to work in his bathrobe, figuring it saved time before sunbathing and all. Well, at this particular moment in time, Nick had a severely bright red convertible sports car — with a lease payment higher than 70% of the mortgages in this country, as we recall. So you can imagine the scene with Nick rolling (literally at times) down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles rush hour wearing nothing but a deep tan, a glowing white bathrobe, and a big ol’ smile.

Even More Risque:  Chasey Lain

All of this comes with a price, however. On a warm evening around a bar-b-que a couple of years before his death, Billy Glide once confided that he had basically stopped going out to clubs or bars because “every time I do someone will come up to me sure that I want to go back to their place and have sex with them, or their wife.” … Imagine being a plumber and every time you go out in public some random person (or more likely persons) would approach you and ask you to come over and fix their pipes for free. Kind of takes the relaxation aspect out of it, right? (Although we will admit to choosing that fix their pipes analogy on purpose here.)

When it really becomes successful, what fame truly allows may be enough money to hide from the world. Aspiring thespians take note. At some point in life, anonymity may become more precious than Ferraris and infinity pools.

Should you wish to learn more about the — at least approved for publication — life of Nick Manning, of course, he has helpfully supplied an entire book for our edification. Nick calls it a “Legend” in his title, but honestly, that’s just Nick. Worth a read if you happen to be the reading type and have a particular interest in the male side of the equation, however. Nick’s a crazy person, but he’s a fun crazy person.

As a bit of a reality check, one of the very last Twitter posts from Mr. Nick Manning we could find at the time of this writing did happen to be, “I HATE PEOPLE” — which probably goes to show something really deep and potentially sad. As a rule we specifically try to avoid deep and potentially sad around here, though, so we will close with a thought much more centralized in the cosmos.

External realities and emotional baggage aside, there do seem to be many worse ways to make a living than spending the afternoon having sex with Kayden Kross.

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