a Risque Elaboration

For People that Like Numbers

If you’ve read all the way through the New Stuff indices and you still don’t know what we’re about, well, we’re not sure what else we can say. Of course simply not knowing what to say almost never keeps us from saying anything, so we’ll elaborate. Consequently we thought we’d talk some numbers here. We like numbers. And we like math. These two facts rest far from the most unusual facts about us, however.

As of this writing in mid 2009, we have posted just a tad over15,000 PAGES on risque.com and the associated web sites of the stars. We were curious, so we looked up a little “perspective” to add here: According to Amazon, the Encyclopedia Britannica contains about 32,000 pages. Gee. We have half an alphabet to go. Excellent. Of course we have around 2,000 video clips and over 175,000 images, and we’re sure the mere encyclopedia set can’t match that. So we win, right?

Upon reviewing our initial draft of this new tour, though, the internal editors here did complain that while we do a fine job of talking about all the fun we have here, we really don’t talk about the WOMEN very much. Oops. So we made a different type of collage to remind folks that we do in fact have a primary focus — and we enjoy it a whole lot too.

AnaisKristal SummersDevinn Lane and Juli AshtonGeorgia AdairAnais AlexanderInari VachsDeeCheyenne SilverMika TanFaith LeonDeeAngel Cassidy, Wendy Divine, Dee, Anais, Kristal SummersHeather VandevenOlivia Del RioAudrey HollanderAnaisRuby Flame, Monica Mayhem, Audrey Hollander, Heather Vuur, Faith Leon, Lorraine SiscoDevinn LaneJuli AshtonNikitaAsia CarreraAnais, Billy GlideHeather VuurDeeWendy DivineDevinn LaneTJ HartJuli AshtonKristal SummersViccaKristal Summers, Becca, Dee, Inari Vachs, Cheyenne Silver, Juli Ashton, Wendy DivineTaren SteeleEva AngelinaMonique Alexander, Devinn Lane, Kristal Summers, Anais AlexanderJuli AshtonTaren SteeleJana JordanJuli AshtonDeeJulia AnnDoll, JassieChasey LainShayla LaVeauxKristal SummersAnaisJustine Joli

a Risque Elaboration — For People that Like Security

That said, we’ll take a quick moment on this particular topic.

Everyone worries about security on the web. Oddly, everyone should worry about security on the web. (“Everyone” doesn’t often get things right it seems.) That said, we’re going to try to ease some potential fears here. At least we’re acknowledging the historic potential for abuse in our web genre.

First of all, and from a purely practical perspective, we use only top-notch processors that utilize a continually updated security system for all of your credit card information. None of our employees can even see your information, let alone do anything with it. We have our own merchant accounts, so we never risk information passing between companies, and we never, ever, EVER do anything at all with the email addresses that we require for your memberships. We don’t loan them. We don’t sell them. We don’t even use them ourselves. If you write in specifically we’re always happy to answer questions, but no one will ever contact you simply because you joined the site.

As you can also tell from our tour, we never worry about the fine lines of what may be “legal” because we don’t care what we can “get away with” because other adult web sites do it one way or another. We have a very conservative in-house way of dealing with the issue here. We employ the “Mother of a Ten-Year-Old” standard. Quite simply, if we have reservations about whether or not to display a certain image out on the free side, we bring in one of the mothers that work here and say, “Would it be OK for your daughter (or son) to see this image, even if it’s really small?”

We definitely don’t go in for the selectively blurred or fancifully starred effects that obscure only the technically adult “parts” of the models with the come-hither looks that almost all adult sites use. First of all, as you’ve learned, we make no attempt to compete with the vast anonymous barrage of XXX Material that they offer, and we’re honest enough to admit that a “come-hither” description of their marketing puts a rather fine gloss on a basically crude sales pitch. Hey, we try to be nice too.