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Cytherea and AliaOf Cytherea Corset Conviviality

by Cyway Traveler

Playing with someone that has experience can provide a deceptive amount of pure fun. People generally give me odd looks when I propound the philosophy, but I have always said, “The heck with virgins. Give a woman that knows what the hell she’s doing any day.” [Yeah, as you get older they just snicker at the thought if you even mention virgins.]

So enters Cytherea’s companion in Lesbian Squirt Machine. Any good machine needs an excellent mechanic in the wings, you see, and experience counts for a lot when it comes to an efficient work flow keeping things — shall we say — lubed and greased. [As squirting movie metaphors go, at least that one seems unique. We’ll give it that.]

The Players

cytherea and alia

As we left last time, you may recall that Cytherea finds herself being interviewed by a comely duo, with at least the “reporter” maintaining a healthy disbelief about “the magical power of the squirt” outlined in Cytherea’s new book. [Hey, I’ve seen otherwise completely jaded porn stars stare in wonder and awe watching Cytherea orgasm. This may not be the most mind-bending plot layout ever conceived, but at least this heavy skeptical bent from some folks contains more than a bit of reasonable reality.]

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