This Cytherea Business

This Cytherea Business

The Trek on Track

by Scotty Bones

Well, it has not exactly gotten easier for This Cytherea Business lately, but she has taken some more steps in a professional direction, and she asked us to let everyone know. Her husband has been in and out of the hospital twice now since his (likely stress-induced) collapse, in each instance given the time-honored and ever-helpful medical advice, “We’ll have to see how it goes. Come back for a checkup in a couple of weeks.”

Obviously he never made it the suggested “couple of weeks” in between visits one and two, which did at least seem to genuinely confuse the doctors. Seriously, sometimes it can be difficult to believe that people who went all the way through medical school know more about their craft than any plumber or electrician that completed an apprenticeship. There are probably more variables involved, but there are also levels of difficulty in plumbing and electrical problems. Bottom line, while we all probably continue to hope for miracles, we also tend to rely on basic competency — at least with bedside manner. You may not really “know” the answer, but at least you should be able to fake it better, right? Wouldn’t that make us all feel better?

At any rate, Cytherea has signed up with a new agency, and has taken the first steps toward trying to get back to a normal life — well, normal as far as being a porn performer goes. She sent along her most recent promo pics taken a couple of days ago, and granted most of her wounds would be more of the mental variety, but she certainly looks a lot better physically.

cytherea promocytherea promo

She also had a chance to go through the rest of the bts photos from her shoot for Ginger Lynn, and she even gave us some fun videos her assistant shot on set that day. We’ve included those along with the official “outtakes” clip set to go up on GingerLynn.comsometime. (We don’t really know their schedule over there. Ginger has an exceptionally busy crew.)


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