Aural Cytherea Exercises

Turn On … The Radio

by D.Minion

Halls to the WallIt was the end of a fun but tiring week in Las Vegas. Cytherea had been posing for photos and videos for days in the Risqué Hotel Suite, while the Risqué gang captured every nuance and every squirt on camera! [And occasionally on pants, t-shirts, glasses, that sort of thing. If you know Cytherea, you understand.] Posing (and orgasming) is tough, especially if you are a petite person like Cy! (And shooting it is really exhausting if you are old and tired like me! Although I’m not complaining!) [Let’s be honest: Just remembering to pose while orgasming would require a level of concentration at which most of us could simply marvel.]

We had just finished our final set of photos when a manager at the Hustler Club (where Cytherea dances) called to see if she could appear on an Internet radio show about motorcycles – in an hour. The show was called The O School Choppers Show, and since motorcycles “make (Cytherea) wet” she immediately answered in the affirmative! [Even after several years of helping Cy with her site, we have yet to find anything that does not make Cytherea wet. Although to be fair, we have not been looking very hard.] Shimmying into a cute Hustler t-shirt and a tight pair of jeans, Cy was ready to roll! Remember when I said I was tired? Well, I was, but not so worn out that I didn’t want to tag along!

Cytherea, her hubby MrT, and I zipped out to The Thereas’ SUV, and as there was little room in the back seat, Cytherea nimbly jumped into one of the baby seats. (Clever!) Amazingly, this grown-up fit in perfectly and as always she looked super-adorable! [The fact that Cytherea even fits in a child seat could either be adorable or annoying, depending upon one’s point of view, of course.]

Even More Risque:  High "Aspirations" (As it Were)

Aural Cytherea Intermission

[By the way, the members’ side as per usual shows a photo variety rather more “uninhibited” than the limited selection we display out here. (Read: Cytherea hates to wear clothes.) We did, however, manage to stitch together pretty much the sum total of all of the 50+ shots we had which did not show nudity. We say this now because D.Minion will wonder why we broke up the beautiful flow of her story at this point. All photos of Cytherea may not be equal, but all are very nice, thank you.]

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