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Adult Diary Members’ Party

Re: Our new mascot, thanks to Mav …

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You know, it’s hard to know what to say about the Members’ Party, and I pretty much always have something to say. Rather than a party, it was more like a family reunion where none of your embarrassing cousins or obnoxious nieces and nephews made an appearance. It was nice. In a way, it was family.

I want to give my thanks to all who made it the event that it was–Mav, naturally, for the idea, D.Minion and Dee for their late-night dedication, and lastly to Bert, for his unmatched enthusiasm. If this sounds like a book dedication, that may be because I read a lot, but I’ll probably never write a book. I could tell the truth, and no one would believe it anyway. True to our spirit, we’ll post all of the comments, and we’ll very likely add our two (or three) cents. I don’t think I’ll be able to compete with what the members themselves said, so that’s the tactic we’ll take on this little topic. It’s honest. It’s fair, and it’s way easier than having to think of what to say myself.

I love that. We begin … [At this point we should note that for the purposes of the “Sample” here we went ahead and listed Kristal’s niece as “Anais” even though this event took place about a year before she ever entered the business. If you join and read the “real” story, you may be confused when the every early posts regarding her have a different name, but that probably won’t be the most confusing thing you’ll run across anyway, so we decided not to worry about that.]

The Adult Diary Members’ Party

for Adult Diary — Kristal Summers, Dee, [Anais]Okay. Lets see …. The Date: Friday, 20th September 2002. The Time: early evening. The Location: Las Vegas, NV. You are about to enter “The Risqué Zone” …. Well, there’s this English guy who said that he was on vacation for two weeks in September. He now is standing at the top of the Riv. [At the Riviera Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.] Three tables are in the centre of a large room. [Mav’s English: That’s how one spells “center” there.] Everything is spot on, the food, the drinks and cake (yep,there was cake). 🙂

Even More Risque:  Have a Risque New Year

A few of us are standing round talking and looking a Lon’s amazing collection of photos. Then someone says that they have arrived. I turn and see Dee, Lucky and DM. Now something strange happens to me (no, not that!). A wave of shyness starts to come over me. [That’s not really true: It was more like a tsunami of shyness.] Dee is meeting people, and then Carol introduces me. Dee shakes my hand and puts her hand to her chest. She says that she was getting chest pains (hope it wasn’t my fault). 🙂 She says it is a pleasure to meet me at last. All I can say is “Hi. Nice to meet you”. Dee is looking stunning! [Dee always looks stunning, thus proving once and for all that life is NOT, in fact, fair.]

Now, sorry to say, the rest is a bit of a blur so any mistakes, forgive me. During the next 30 or so minutes [he meets], Wendy, Eric, [Anais], Kristal (more of that later), Kristal’s friends (more of them later too), Keri Windsor, Georgia and CamMan! Wendy looks the best she has ever done (Wendy and Eric just play off each other to great effect. More on Wendy later). [Dang. We’re sure having to wait for “later” on a lot of this. An author’s got to be careful about this much foreshadowing, don’t you think?]

[Anais] … well, she is really tall and thongs are the order of the day (Glad I’m not the only who noticed,Brian). 🙂 She’s a great person and has a great future ahead of her. [Finally] Kristal … ah, Kristal.

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