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You know, we felt like we’d exhausted all of the frivolous excuses to show you more installments from Dee’s Cam Shows that you missed, and just because Kristal and Mr. Marcus were there in this particular instance, and Carol happened to be in town to authenticate the experience, didn’t seem to help cut it as a viable excuse either. Add to that the fact that some people still seem to be having trouble with the video files, despite really, really benevolent intentions at this end, and we found ourselves up the proverbial creek …. (Have you ever noticed that proverbs never really make you feel altogether wonderful about your particular situation? There’s probably a message in there somewhere ….)

Juli Ashton in favor of Cam Shows ArchiveLet’s ignore any potential educational benefits for the time being. “Real Networks” has some very promising new software that would allegedly make all of these video troubles disappear. They have this groovy new geeky stuff that would allow everyone to see our clips without any trouble — so they say. We were going to just hop up and install the new server sophistication and then somebody in the office had the bright idea to just take a moment and step away from the situation. True, it was lunch time, but that’s purely a coincendence; we’re almost certain. Well, after a wonderful experience with ravioli and Ceasar salad, we did happen to notice that we’d have to raise everybody’s monthly membership fees from twenty bucks to … well … somewhere around $100 to justify the expense. We figured this would be fine.

On busy weeks like when Georgia is in town, we occasionally figure incorrectly. On the off chance that this happened this time around, we decided to just use the same old system to put up the files, and hope that maybe some inspiration would hit us while we’re on the set of Michael Ninn’s next shoot for the next seven days. To help alleviate the stress for the video-challenged among us, we did manage to unearth some more pictures from Cabo San Lucas, even the cool artsy kind for which everyone just lives and breathes, we’re sure. (Mav’s in town now, and the Queen’s English somehow rears its pesky head these days. We apologize. Blame the British Dude.) Besides we’ve also fairly exhausted the Shayla, Taren Steele, Vicca Mexico phenomenon anyway, so why not just combine two stretched-thin concepts into one pretty nifty post, we figured. On busy weeks like when Georgia is in town, we also occasionally figure correctly.

Even More Risque:  High "Aspirations" (As it Were)

Juli Ashton for Cam Shows ArchiveAnyway, we wanted to post the final chapter from The Cam Show to Define All Cam Shows, and we had to figure out a way to segue, so to speak … So you can look at video files, or you can look at more pictures like the two we’ve teased you with here, or you can just long for the days of “Semper Fido” which started this whole Cam Show blow by blow (again, so to speak) … We pretty much like to leave major decisions up to the individual. You have no idea what a liberating philosophy that can be. You should try this at home some time. (The political comments will likely continue through November. That’s just the way we are. Kerry us on lest we continue our Bush-league adventures. Hey, color us controversial …)

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