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One Risque Mascot (and not even the strangest one)

Well, you’re still reading and that’s always good. If you haven’t noticed yet, we tend to have a lot of words in our venture. As we’ve mentioned, and we continually remind our friends in the industry when they wonder about our unusual approach, “There are a whole lot of typical adult sites on the web, but there’s a whole lot more to life than porno.” … Yeah, we’re really radical.

Just to show that we don’t play favorites in our unabashed lack of chagrin in our enjoyment of life, we wanted to give one quick example of some of the fine video work we’ve shared over the years. Now this was recorded a very long time ago, so the technical quality in no way compares to our current offerings. Also the video we use now does have a vast slant toward being definitely outside of our “Mother of a Ten-Year-Old” standard, so we couldn’t show much of it out here anyway.

We’ll tell you that D.Minion took this little clip at one of the Members’ Parties we’ve thrown. You can see Dee’s hands working to operate the fine device that became our official mascot, and we actually received it as a gift from Maverick, then a UK member that attended and now works with us. Rather randomly put together in various locations throughout the world, “Members’ Parties” offer people a chance to hang out with us in very small groups for a few days. Some of them even recover after sufficient therapy we hear, so that’s good.

In closing this section, we’ll pay tribute to “Mr. E. Member” who happened to be one of the first folks to ever figure out that we’re pretty much regular folks with atypical jobs around here. We’re always happy to include people (or art, or editorials, or whatever) that people want to send along. They don’t have to be particularly fancy, or even practical, as you can see from the fine piece of graphic art below. Let’s face it, with our approach to the web (and life in general), we can hardly afford to be very judgmental.

One Risque Effort

Truth is A LOT stranger than fiction. We enjoy that.

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