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By Papa Tiempo

We do in fact operate Risque as an adult site with hard core material available for members, though, and that we should be clear about. Oddly enough, apparently, we do not specialize in offering ALL hard core material, all the time. (Hence the more direct “Risque 411” at this time.) Tens of thousands of places exist on the web where one can find explicit sexual activity — truthfully way too many of them for free, in our (almost never) humble opinion. We try to talk about it. And we try to think about it. And we don’t really try to save the world while doing so.

But we’re not afraid of hard core. We simply have made the choice not to put it out there where just anyone of any age could potentially view it.

[This point in the members’ article featured a dazzling “surprise gallery” fed with the little bitty boxes mentioned below. It simply could not repeat out here because … well, because of everything we’re saying here. Consequently, we pulled another “Perfectly PG” photo from our history to put in its place. Should you be curious, this features (L-R) Kristal Summers, Dee, Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, and Inari Vachs. Should you be further curious, yes, they each have other perfect things in many of the more explicit episodes herein. Enjoy this one out here, though, and be happy we did not break it up into little squares.]

Risque Clients All

Naturally we cannot even display photos “properly” in the eyes of all the jack-off-centric critics out there. We take perfectly wonderful shots and then crop out a bizarre 180×180 piece to create the thumbnail. Who does that?

We will say this, though: Whatever lawyer told the myriad of sites that a “do not enter here unless you’re over 18” page should make them feel perfectly comfortable, well, that lawyer deserves a statue somewhere in Washington D.C. on the Mall. Bigger than life. … Politicians would absolutely revere anyone who could sell that concept. “You told them that underage people NEVER click on something they should not, and they believed you?! Wow.” We need that lawyer to be negotiating peace settlements somewhere.

Even More Risque:  Asian Eyes of Celebration

But enough with the prose.

That said, before setting you off to further risque observations today, we do want to offer up a special thanks to the person that sent in an 1100-word essay on how we use too many words in the risque members area. We enjoy words. We enjoy fine photography. Sometimes both of those happen to involve sexual expression. It hardly seems controversial to combine the two regularly — weird, perhaps, but hardly controversial.

Come to think of it, we should get t-shirts made with that slogan. … Anyone want a Risque Observations item of clothing? …

[As a final note on the Risque 411 out here at least, you may be wondering about that first photograph. As you have likely deduced, we had to change that one too, so we included a sort of PSA (Public Service Announcement) featuring Risque friend Cheyenne Silver. You see, should you want to ride you dirt bike wearing sandals, you will likely be much better off just leaving it on the trailer. Should you don more appropriate clothing, we will leave you with the same advice we always give Cheyenne when she heads off on some other crazy stunt in her life that involves motorized vehicles. … Rubber side down.]

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