Optical Illusion

The Political Color Wheel

Inari VachsOptical Illusions

by D.Minion

It’s easy to become complacent. It’s easy to believe that the world is a good and fair place. It’s easy to believe that in this day and age [the year 2001 at the time of this writing] prejudice does not exist, at least among thinking and intelligent people. Unfortunately, even among the adult entertainment community — people who profess to believe in freedom and the First Amendment — this may not always be true.

[Because of the inauguration this week, we decided to run this article which appeared in the members’ area a very long time ago, obviously. Some day Americans may quit worrying so much about skin color and start asking the underlying much more serious question: Who did we elect to be the leader of the Free World again, and why did we do that?]

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.Martin Luther King, Jr., August 28, 1963

Inari Vachs and Dee were getting ready to produce their first movie, French Kiss, They were going to begin filming in the states, and continue filming in France while they were there for the Hot D’Or Awards. [And they were then to move on to Paris to complete filming, but maybe D.Minion’s coming to that.]

An amazing amount of planning went in to these scenes. Inari and Dee had to deal with locations, actors, crew, budget. Both ladies were extremely serious about their jobs. They picked a stellar crew, and set about choosing the talent. They chose Kristal Summers, Joel Lawrence, and Byron Long — all very professional and genuinely nice actors.

inari vachsBut sometimes “professional” and “nice” are not enough. After running their choices by a large but unnamed adult movie company, the head muckety muck told them that Byron couldn’t be in the film. Yes, he always showed up on time. Yes, he always had an up to date HIV test. Yes, everyone involved in the scene was happy to work with him. The problem was that Byron happens to be black, and the large unnamed movie company doesn’t film scenes between black men and white women. [Hmm. Particularly for those in our business, we should eschew censorship in any form, and so I feel obligated to allow D.Minion her due here. However, through the beauties of both blue and green type, Risqué News is in a position to offer both point and counter-point on certain volatile topics. Looks like we’re heading into two of the biggest here: Race and Professional Sex. I’ll prepare my double-edged sword. First off, let’s be honest: The movie company is Wicked Pictures, and the owner is without equal in matters of honesty, integrity, and nobility in my opinion. I’ve known the man, and done a lot of business with him, for over a decade. No one is a better person than Steve Orenstein. Let’s start there.]

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