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The Sexual Evolution

Rather … Risque on Sexual Evolution

by Nobody Special

Sexual EvolutionSexual Evolution exists as a definitively cultural — and perhaps even personal — term. It should come as no surprise that not much time passes for women in the adult movie business before they rather unconsciously adopt very atypical attitudes toward sexual encounters in general. Depending upon one’s vantage point, that may be a “liberal” leaning, or if you grew up in an older generation, perhaps the term “easy” might make more sense. Actually if you really want to be technical about it, no woman ever considers making porn for money without long ago having jumped into the Easy Pool, but you can see the point here.

Remember the old joke about the difference between a whore and a slut? … That’s the sort of fine line drawing trap that you can fall into if you look at these performers with an overly “macro” view. On the more pure individualistic scale, you can safely assume that nobody that has sex for money thinks about sex the same way as anyone who doesn’t. That seems simple, but if you set this liberal standard as the starting line, a significant path still exists for the race to continue along.

Most of us don’t think of sexual variations as à la carte menu items, but that analogy pretty much holds for the professional XXX performer. To put it in raw terms (if you’ll pardon the expression), the price changes depending on how many people the producers want to put what into which orifice. It also changes, rather inexplicably in purely scientific terms, based on whether or not any (or all) of the players happen to possess a penis. Strange, perhaps, but true.

The other side of the on-camera coin here holds our interest for today, though. …

Even More Risque:  Squirt Squad

[… Now that’s how the story for November 3rd actually begins, and at least theoretically it resolves into glorious explanation for the most definitely adult behavior that follows in visual splendor. As a rule we don’t usually just run the opening of a members’ entry out here on the free side, but quite honestly we haven’t been paying attention to the free side long enough to have much of a “rule” to be “as”, so we’re just going to go merrily along as if all were fine and perfectly as predicted in the world. Honestly that IS one of our best things. If you want to read the rest, you can obviously join, but you can always just use the contact form out here and let us know. We can’t (well, won’t) run the illustrations, clearly, but we do have that handy “sample stories” section we could throw it in. If we actually knew how we’re supposed to be doing this free blog thing, we’d probably be embarrassed now. … What was it that’s bliss again? We can’t remember.]

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