Clefts for Thee Deity

Deft Clefts Denouement

Melissa JacobsClefts for Thee

by Nobody Special

[Aside from the potential zotting risk when one considers both Clefts and Deities in one enterprise, you might need a bit more background on this one. You see, on the Members’ side this article appeared in one part, actually — along with the anticipated more revealing photographs. We have heard from inside our office, loudly at times, that “people browsing the web” do not want to “go through” as much prose, thus we agreed to split this entry up into actually three parts, in two different web sites. The Millennials will likely find something else to complain about now, but it least this concession may make them work for it. At some point they have to learn that not everybody gets a trophy in life, right?] Continue Reading Risque

Samantha Ryan Romance

Romance Sing Samantha

Samantha RyanThink Pink … Romance

by Nobody Special

Honestly we had planned romance, a simple, “Golly wasn’t Samantha great to work with? Such fun, with a spiritual aura and an admirable comfort with the cosmos. Too bad she had such lousy taste in men back in the early days, really. But since she retired, she dumped the guy and has a great career going. Some people you just know are going to succeed, no matter how many — or how few — clothes they happen to be wearing at work.”

We could have done that. It would have been fine, and then everyone could have just popped over to the solo video, which does in fact feature a rather fetching pink outfit. Truth be told it definitely falls into that “less clothes at work” category, but that hardly seems the point of the, um, exercise.

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Inari Vachs

Maverick Appeal

Inari VachsA Star Shooter is Born

by Nobody Special

Maverick had a birthday last week, and being still rather the shy fellow he happens to be, he shuns much in the way of public recognition — at least for accomplishments as relatively common as not dying yet.

In a manner of not being dead yet — although interestingly with that same History of the World accent — Mav and his team have been doing some wonderful behind the risqué scenes work. Consequently we did want to draw some attention to these efforts in honor of this special week. Also, as soon as someone tells us not to do something, you can pretty much guess what will happen next; so there’s that.

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Tori Black for Risque

The Ninn Nymphetamine

Jenna HazeRocks of Ages

by Nobody Special


“Can I squat?” asks the predictably nubile lass in the early morning sun.

“You can do whatever you want. This is your day. We’re just hangin’ with you for a bit,” comes Mr. Ninn’s immediate reply.

Thus begins another episode in the quirky life of Michael Ninn, er, IMNINN, er … whatever. (Geniuses often lead confusing lives. Have you noticed?)

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