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AEE 2014 — Gibby’s Prep

AEE 2014 imageby Uncle Gibby

It is truly a liberating experience leaving Wisconsin in mid-Winter for the warmer confines of Las Vegas and the annual Adult Entertainment Expo. [Not to put too fine of a point on it, but it seems like it would be a “truly liberating experience” leaving Wisconsin at pretty much any time (possibly during Packers games excluded).]

This would be my sixth consecutive year attending the expo with the Risqué group. Unfortunately, two Risqué mainstays, Maverick and SteveD would not be in attendance due to pressing issues at home. [Or they were just being lazy bastards. That could have been it too.]

As I arrived early, and it would be hours before I would meet up with Lucky and D.Minion, I had to amuse myself with what our host — the Gold Coast — could offer. Suffice it to say, some amount of dollars were “liberated” from my person in the interim. [Gibby could have made a short journey over to ride the new Super-Duper Ferris Wheel in town — although admittedly you likely cannot keep an eye on London with this one. Come to find out, getting a permit to build a fine structure such as this in Las Vegas does not necessarily mean the city will give you one to operate it. You have to love Vegas: They actually build monuments to civic corruption.]

Bloodied but unbowed, I eventually met up with the “Cohorts from the Central Coast” at the local sports bar. Other than going over the week’s itinerary and viewing a dismal display by the Milwaukee Bucks on TV, not much occurred that initial evening. [We did learn that Wisconsin has a professional athletic team other than the Packers, though, so that was a bonus. This does not mean the team could have beaten either the men’s or women’s teams from the University of Connecticut this year, however.] I was informed that Shayla, Kristal, Cytherea, Lon, Martin and Eno would be joining us over the next several days.

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AEE 2014 image AEE 2014 image AEE 2014 image AEE 2014 image AEE 2014 image

Somewhat surprising to me was that Kylie Ireland and her husband Andy Appleton would be joining us at the Gold Coast as well. Eventually, I did manage to recoup some of my earlier losses and went to bed early Tuesday morning with visions of better days ahead. [Oddly enough, promises of days to come filled with porn stars tends to perk people right up.]

AEE 2014 imageThe day before the Expo begins is somewhat a day of preparation. After our sumptuous breakfast replete with “sprinkled” donuts, we ventured up to Lucky’s suite to map out how best to attack the various photo shoots, seminars, and the floor of the expo itself. During that session I was exposed to Lucky’s new toy, the “GoPro” Camera. [None of the porn stars exposed themselves to Gibby at this time, though. He managed an admirable stiff upper lip.] Over the next several days I would be the man behind the “GoPro” in several shoots involving Shayla, and walking the floor at the Hard Rock. [In case you do not know of the device, the GoPro has a rather substantial list of accessories, including chest and head harnesses. We used these two in order to demonstrate how unfair life can be, which you will hear about should you actually read the words on the video page today. For now, we would just like to mention that the chest harness, as you can see, does a bang-up job of emphasizing a person’s fat belly. … Great. … ]

AEE 2014 imageAlthough the GoPro could be hand held, it could also be strapped to one’s head for a unique POV presentation. The thought of that device strapped to my melon gave me more than a moment of anxiety. [Him? We kept envisioning the financial cost of repairing something dropped from that height. Gibby complained that the artsy item pictured here constituted a hazard. Apparently the light in the ceiling was too low.] Other members of the Risqué group began to wander in during the course of the day. Shayla had been in town for several days and was relocating to the neighboring Rio hotel. Lon had met us the previous night for dinner and Martin Randy joined our group just previous to procuring our badges at the Hard Rock. [Martin has excellent timing. He shows up just when the women do, and he makes sure to get whatever paperwork he needs to keep hanging with them. Bright boy.]

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