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by Nobody Special

Shayla LaVeauxAt the risk of raising the ire of some of the XX chromosome people out there, I think most of us would agree that trying to understand women could be the most intellectually daunting task any of us will ever undertake. If you want to take that confusion to an entirely new level, just apply that general state of confusion to a woman who has decided that having sex on camera seems like a dandy way to make a living. Yep. Take the mysteries of women in general, run them through a shredder, wad up all the scraps into a ball, toss it into a washing machine, and then just try to make sense out of what you get after the last spin cycle concludes.

You see, I’ve known Shayla for over 20 years now, and she still will say things that completely baffle me — and we have never even dated.

adult model shayla image adult model shayla image adult model shayla image adult model shayla image adult model shayla image
adult model shayla image adult model shayla image adult model shayla image adult model shayla image adult model shayla image

See those pictures? … Well we have had a difficult time getting this set approved for simply because, in Shayla’s words, “I hate those pictures. I look terrible.” [We need to explain that on this FREE SIDE, these are not — technically — the photos from the post on In keeping with our free side standards, we had to swap out the more explicit versions for use out here. While these shots do in fact appear in the story and subsequent photo gallery pages, they do not do so in this order. Also, you will find another 65 or so “adult” variations in Shayla’s Membership Area proper. Sometimes adults like those.]

Excuse me?

Having known Shayla as long as I have, and having been baffled by the fairer sex for much longer than that, I at least know enough not to give the most obvious replay, that being, “I really think you need to look up terrible in a dictionary. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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Without fail, when a model looks back at a photo shoot, she will invariably recall a good bit of the “gestalt” of the day as well. Even if everything with the photographer, makeup artist, stylist, and assistants went perfectly well, she could have been in a sour mood for any number of reasons. (Alright, so “any number” might constitute being kind, because in the vast majority of cases the sour mood comes from one source, and one source only: A Boy.) If, for example, she felt poorly about the day in retrospect, odds are very good that she will feel the same way about the resulting photo set. It may not make “logical” sense, but there you have it. (Shredder. Washing Machine. You remember.)

So while we wanted all the fans to be aware of Kylie’s audio interview of Shayla back when Shayla Productions had just decided to start producing the Fan Sexxx series, I decided to sneak these photos in. I could then “reasonably” just send Shayla a link to the page on, and she might never see these photographs. Personally, I love this photo set, and I think Shayla looks great.

Granted I almost always think Shayla looks great, except for when she just rolls out of bed after a very late night of industry celebrating. Then she looks pretty much exactly like she does in these pictures, but in that case I think she looks irritating. Of course at that point I’m invariably looking through lidded eyes with a timpani concerto pounding in my brain, so that could be part of the problem. Bottom line, I figured people should see them so they could tell us what they think.

And if Shayla should happen to run across this post somehow — say like eno continues to be really, really efficient, for example? Well, I can always just claim it wasn’t me. Someone put my name on the article. … And now you have seen yet another one of our favorite philosophies around here: Deny. Deny. Deny. …

And then JOIN Adult Model Shayla, naturally.

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