Devinn Lane Sharing Spectacularly with Juli Ashton

Sharing Spectacularly

Risque PhotographSharing Spectacularly … with Love

by Nobody Special

The theory goes that most people really go for the “celebration of love” today. In a conscious decision, we’re going to avoid issues of why those of us in love need a special day for that, and why those of us just wishing we were in love need to be reminded of that lonely state. All in all, that seemed safest. [Yeah, yeah, we know Valentine’s Day was a couple of months ago now, but who does not appreciate sharing spectacularly any time of year? Risqué History on these pages happens much as it does in real life — bouncing all over the place.]

Basically I’m just popping in here amidst sharing spectacularly in order to help explain the little group of photos at the bottom of this page. It seems DM still has a bit of a learning curve to conquer on the “throw” concept, so maybe just a bit of explanation might help.

This scene — the keenest illustration of sharing spectacularly that we have ever witnessed, btw — comes from the (sadly still un-released) Essentially Julia Ann title from the production company Juli and I used to own called Ashton View Promotions. In this particular scenario, Devinn Lane had convinced Julia Ann that Devinn’s husband would be a fun person to have sex with, while she and Juli (Ashton) watched, and we all filmed it. Yeah, so it’s probably not the sort of conversation that many of you have ever had, but there you have it.

Quite often in industry relationships one party will “introduce” her (or his, but that happens less often) partner to the (legal) professional sex industry by setting up a practice scene under the closest we can get to optimal conditions. If you’ve ever wondered why you tend to see the same guys all the time in the movies, the answer will be deceptively simple. Not that many men can get it up, keep it up, and come on cue, in a brightly-lit room full of strangers. Certainly the Viagra evolution has helped with the diversity problem to a major degree, but it still comes down to male plumbing issues and the concurrent emotional paranoia that men tend to associate with penis size.

Even More Risque:  Purely Feminine Fatale

Very few of us would ever turn down sexual advances from the vast majority of the women in the adult business in the privacy of … well, basically any-old room. But take away that whole privacy thing and most of us just think, “Naw. I’ll go eat some ice cream, and I’ll catch the movie later.” Still there are those men that really feel like they want to give it a try, and Devinn had been hearing from her husband about how he really wanted to be a porn star too. Wicked had been, not pressuring exactly, but certainly anticipating with relish, the time when Devinn would move on to (and onto, technically) male partners in the movies.

Obviously the husband seemed like a wonderful solution, at least as a starting off point, not that there’s any pressure on the women in these situations or anything. … So we set this up. [As by now you’ve likely become accustomed, out here in the free “where not just everyone should be looking at this” area we cannot actually show any of the actual sharing spectacularly part. Instead we decided to show the group of three friends that were instrumental in setting this whole thing up. And what fine instruments they were: (L-R) Julia Ann, Juli Ashton, Devinn Lane.]

Now I don’t want to run on too much here about this particular scenario, and I can’t tell you how the scene came out (again, as it were) in case we ever do really release this movie, but I can easily tell you something I learned over the course of this adventure. Not many people have wives like Devinn Lane. That said, if you do happen to find one, try and be sure she has a friend like Julia Ann.

Even More Risque:  Ela Darling (Indeed)

If only that sexy wild streak weren’t so darned scary some of the time. Right?

Sharing Spectacularly in History

Granted, it will take one with a certain number of years on this planet to understand this reference, but we hate to leave out old people. We are them, after all. … So remember the old Cracker Jack’s commercial where the person eating the treat asked the innocent question, “So what did you learn in school today?’ … Somehow we think this sort of sharing spectacularly never really made it to the curriculum — although you’d be hard pressed to argue that point in some school districts these days it seems (quite sadly). Still, sharing spectacularly seems like a darned fine philosophy to practice, regardless of how one expresses that love.

OH! And for the not enough years on the planet people, we have continued sharing spectacularly and provided education in a small sweet dose. Apparently that’s how they like all the news these days — the young people, not the sharing or educational ones.

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