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Ginger Lynn Regaling Adult Radio

Modern Ginger LynnGinger Lynn Impaneled and Empowered

by D.Minion

Porn stars and Internet Radio/Podcasts just seem to go together. The combination of sensual, bubbly, intelligent women talking about sex, paired with the Federal Communications Commission having no jurisdiction over the shows, make a perfect match.  I’ve been “in love” with Internet Radio for years; my good buddies Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath had an incredible show on Sirius/XM Playboy Radio, while my other good buddies Dee, Cytherea, and Kylie Ireland had equally magnificent shows on KSEX Radio. [Given Sophie’s Choice amongst friends, D.Minion would let them all die — including herself — just so we’re clear.]

My newest BFF, Ginger Lynn, had wonderful shows on both Playboy and KSEX, and now has her own Podcast entitled, Blame It On Ginger. She is the quintessential example of sexy, bubbly, intelligent, and verbose. Plus she has amazing stories of how it was “back in the day” as well as “how it is right now!” [Having moved to Las Vegas, Ginger currently has no regular schedule for these shows anymore, but she does pop in and do special ones on occasion. And with Ginger Lynn, “special” generally takes on a rather specific meaning. You will understand that completely should you take a look at the Members’ Area of her website.]

Because of her expertise on the subject, Ginger was invited to take part in a seminar on Internet Radio/Podcasts at the 2015 AEE. Because I’m a fan as well as a friend, I found a place in the audience and began snapping photos and jotting down notes. [As compared to some “events” we visit around here, you may find these photos to lack a certain titillation — emphasis on that first syllable. … Still, it does go to show that even famous porn stars do sometimes wear clothes, and people want them around because they speak well.]

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