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Most people probably pay little attention to their ISP (Internet Service Provider, btw) unless their internet goes down, of course. And if you think about it, that could be the perfect place for that particular necessary component of our modern lives.

More and more the industry leader in all things adult entertainment, XBIZ recently published an article noting the extreme displeasure that the U.K. Prime Minister felt when the European Union as a whole decided not to let any individual ISP decide what should and should not be racing around the digital world. With all due respect to Mr. Cameron, they actually got this one right.

Essentially I want this out of my ISP:

  1. Do what you need to do.
  2. Charge me what you think constitutes “fair” because I really do not have much say in the matter.
  3. And then please just go away.

I will take care of me.

What do you want your ISP Role to be, really?

Just take a moment to think about what might happen on this particular slippery slope if we deign to crest that hill.

Do we need a permission slip signed by them the next time we go to Paris and want to visit the Louvre?

Should they keep us from reading about The Rape of Lucretia — which happens to be an opera, in case you don’t know?

Do they need to step in and tell me I should not be looking at Edward Weston nudes, even if I might be pursuing an advanced degree in photography?

ISP Role ExampleAccording to the Huffington Post, Mark Twain considered Titian’s Venus of Urbino “the foulest, the vilest, the obscenest picture the world possesses.” One might not expect this vilification from such a genteel source, but it does go to show how subjective these sorts of things can be. I have personally looked at this picture dozens of times over the years, and never once do I remember thinking, “Oh, yeah; I need to get me some of that.

I do remember thinking, “Why is that girl throwing up in a window seat?” But that’s probably just me missing the point. There’s a reason I pursued photography rather than more traditional art.

Traditional Provider ESP

Presumably as long as there are no naked breasts, though, I can watch all the violence I want, right? If you watch Grimm, you probably saw one hero whack the head off the bad dude, just before we get to experience it bloody and bouncing down the stairs. And that broadcast on network television.

Despite what the (at least presumably) esteemed Prime Minister thinks, you simply cannot find an objective place to draw the line, so you do not draw the line. … And this comes from a site that refuses to put even partially nude images on it, despite the fact that the Membership Area rests firmly — as it were — in the adults only genre.


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