Mother Shayla and Family

Mother Shayla May I?

The Matriarch

by Just Plum Nome

ShaylaWe’ve all heard that some people just seem to be “born leaders” in life. While I’d argue that the vast majority of us serve a leadership role in at least a few aspects in our own existence, it would tempt the ludicrous to maintain that we each have similar abilities in this area. Some people we’re fortunate enough to run across in our own little circles of being can absolutely dominate a room, just by walking into it.

Meet Shayla LaVeaux.

I won’t belabor obvious points about sex appeal, appearance, and charm here, because obviously if you happen to be reading this, you’ve already acquainted yourself with Shayla’s allure. We do find ourselves sitting inside her Members’ Area, after all. Most of you probably don’t realize, though, that during the decade plus that a Risqué Business sat atop the adult industry talent management pool, Shayla served as the unofficial Leader and Queen of the enterprise. She didn’t have any fancy title that went along with the duties, and honestly we never really talked about it much, but every one of us knew that we’d be much better off if we ran any major decisions through Shayla. In historic terms, for those of you not too young to appreciate history yet, we all had Shayla as our Matriarch.

It was a wonderful time.

Since Shayla has wandered back into the fold (as it were), at least as much as Matriarchs “wander” anywhere, we now have a chance to not only talk about her evolution from Strip Tease company owner, to Hall of Fame Porn Star, to … well, the term “mom” came to mind, but I didn’t want to get in trouble here. We all have our own opinions regarding where Shayla ended up, so you can fill in your own blank there. Besides, Shayla has been maternal with all the other girls in the group from the time she stared in this business in her early 20’s. (She was almost certainly maternal before that too, but I didn’t know her, so I can’t say. Drat!) Without delving any further into the whole Oedipal thing, I should probably just move along.

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Suffice it to say that without Shayla, the Risqué World would have been a markedly different, and inferior, place. So even when we decided to do our third “Essentially” movie for Ashton View, we knew that we needed Shayla to help the process along. We hope to have time to relate a lot of the “theory behind the practice” sorts of moments on here, clearly, but for now the folks here decided that we should start with Essentially Dee and the 4-girl orgy.

[Photos here excised from the Free Side. We have to get our excise, after all. Keeps us healthy.]

Over the years we’ve received a ton of emails about how people would rather have more frequent, shorter, posts by the way. Eventually we even learned to listen to our Members. Go figure. So we’ve divided the scene between the four lovely ladies (coincidentally all Risqué clients – imagine) into two parts. Apparently people have other things to do in their lives besides spending all their time looking the risqué commune sites, although I can’t imagine what that might be.

Now when you watch this first part, try to pay attention to Shayla’s very quiet “theoretically background role” in the event. Juli and I owned the company. The movie had Dee’s name in the title. Yet we all sort of naturally revolved around Shayla. No one else in the office will have read this article before it goes live, and since I haven’t shared these opinions with anyone there, I’ll be interested to see if anyone else can pick up on the nuance. If you have an opinion and want to share it, email D.Minion and let her know if we can reveal your thoughts to others. For Heaven’s sake don’t email me. I’ll be trying to get Shayla to come back and visit by tempting her with Beach BBQ’s.

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Honestly, it’s still a wonderful time. We get to play Mother Shayla May I? all the time.

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