Early Shayla LaVeaux

Early Shayla LaVeaux

Before She was Shayla LaVeauxFrom Sex Kitten to Cougar

by Mr. Norman Fan

Before we get into Shayla LaVeaux (pun not really intended, but funny regardless), we should mention an ancillary thought. As far as we know, T.J. Cummings has no relation to e.e. cummings, but since the folks over at Risqué got all erudite today, we felt a bit of pressure to rise to the occasion as well. Granted, simply by knowing that e.e. cummings was a person (unconfirmed rumors stating him having taken his lower case naming convention from jessica drake), we did not really add much to the dialogue.

Know what? We do not care. … Because we have Shayla as she appeared very shortly after her 18th birthday posing against a backdrop of what looks to be Boulder, Colorado.

[We need to mention that even at the youthful age of “barely 18” (Shayla’s words), our dear friend had a penchant for being naked outside. Consequently, you have already seen the one photograph that we can show to non-members. For the record, there are many, many other things to admire about Shayla too.]

Although we have not as yet confirmed that theory, we can obviously state with certainty that even a quite young Shayla LaVeaux does appear bolder than most of us — at any age. Of course chronicling our dear friend’s rise from Sex Kitten to Cougar happens to be the point of this entire site, it did seem a bit silly to belabor that point unduly.

Shayla has always been exceptional, regardless of her age. Truth be told, and though it may be difficult to believe, Shayla happens to be even more beautiful inside than out, and considering her outside, that happens to be saying a lot. We will thus allow you your own contemplation, commendation, or copulation. Know simply that we wish you complete enjoyment of whichever alternative you choose.

Even More Risque:  Andre Madness — Colors of Cooperation

[Please imagine a particularly dazzling photograph here. We have substituted another image we admire, but honestly as sweet as we may find the option, it has no honest comparison to Shayla.]

Cougar Survey SAYS … YOWZA!


As a couple of ancillary notes, we can show you a quick “waiting” pose from Shayla’s very first professional shoot. This happened to be with the acclaimed (and very sadly no longer with us) photographer Clive McLean and took place not all that long after those bolder/Boulder poses — albeit with a markedly better hair stylist. We should also say that if you have a big enough monitor and enough download speed, you might enjoy this same clip over on Risqué Proper with higher resolution settings possible.

OH! And by the way…

Kisses are a better fate than wisdom.e.e. cummings

So there.

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