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Inari VachsA Star Shooter is Born

by Nobody Special

Maverick had a birthday last week, and being still rather the shy fellow he happens to be, he shuns much in the way of public recognition — at least for accomplishments as relatively common as not dying yet.

In a manner of not being dead yet — although interestingly with that same History of the World accent — Mav and his team have been doing some wonderful behind the risqué scenes work. Consequently we did want to draw some attention to these efforts in honor of this special week. Also, as soon as someone tells us not to do something, you can pretty much guess what will happen next; so there’s that.

A lot of people may not know that Maverick actually joined our Risqué Commune as a regular member, he having been — call it entranced — by the comely (pun absolutely intended) Inari Vachs. Granted, Mav relatively quickly met Kristal Summers at one of our Members’ Parties, and thus the to-die-for got cast in another direction, but he has never really lost the soft spot in his heart for Inari. (When it comes to Maverick, honestly most of us prefer not to think about the hard spots at all.)

We’re Just Sayin’ …

Inari Vachs and her Maverick Appeal

For the record, Inari Vachs looks absolutely nothing like Maverick. … At all. … Even a little.

Being such dear friends and all, we naturally decided to torture him a bit as he ponders a more official move into Glamour media work, away from our more explicit world. We, of course, would never be so crass as to point out some of things he might be missing as he concentrates on those skinny waifs who nibble on salads and only wear $1,000 shoes, but if someone draws that conclusion, well, we can hardly blame them.

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