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[As fits the custom out here in the free area, these articles come from a time past, this one from an era when our friend Michael Ninn found himself in a legal battle with a large company stubborn as, well, a rhinoceros. … Still, the Easter holiday always brings up thoughts of faith, and as diversions go, Faith Leon ranks right up there in the excellent realm. For our part, we hope to never lose Faith.]

Well, we thought we should at least drop by and let you know that we haven’t forgotten you. There’s a lot going on here, as the story unfolds behind the scenes for our friend Michael (sometimes “Ninn”, sometimes not). We’re not sure exactly what we “can” say, so we’re just going to take the safe route and say nothing, really. Suffice it for us to comment that he’s working on some new things, trying to get back to his normally optimistic state, and we’ll keep you posted. Other than that things are a little bit stressful, more than a little bit sad, and more likely than not to drag on for awhile.

Oddly enough, when we had lunch the other day, we got to talking about Faith. … OK. Not the kind you might be thinking. Somehow Faith Leon came into our conversation, and she’s a whole lot more interesting than a bunch of lawyers. We know. We’ve talked to a lot of lawyers. There are more fun things in life.

Since we’ve known Michael for a great many years (or maybe just because we’re irreverent by nature), we happened to ask about his current fantasy women. Understand that almost all directors definitely fit the Hollywood standard and “fall for their leading ladies” when they shoot. Now the vast majority of them never sexually interact with these starlets, well, except for the “companies” (if you’ll allow a “loose” use of the term) that actually film the young lady having sex with the “director”. But let’s leave out that sort of “director” for now, huh?

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If you watch many adult movies (and we’d certainly qualify in that category) you can pretty much tell how much a director (or performer, but we’re leaving them out for now too) just simply likes women. That may seem weird, but the level of misogyny in adult entertainment would probably surprise you. Some directors merely see the women at best as necessary tools in the quest for their paychecks, and at worst … well, a lot worse. Now you can think Michael’s movies are boring and don’t serve their “intended purpose” (many do), but you can not say he doesn’t try to make women beautiful.

A necessary and funny aside, from a very clever writer:

“A Ninnworx movie delivers overwrought porn with a complex storyline and editing that prevents masturbators from getting a good look at the crucial parts,” I said in my unsuccessful bid to be Ninnworx_SR’s marketing director, “and Spearmint Rhino delivers listless strippers for an outrageous cover charge and drinks minimum.”

“You should really get together.”

Graham Ponante

Well, back when we shot Through Her Eyes Michael saw Faith Leon for the first time. (Lorraine Sisco had obviously shot Faith in her Crescendo, thus demonstrating to Lorraine that Michael never watches other people’s movies, even the ones he distributes.) So in walks this quiet, graceful, intelligent, 5’11” beauty. How do you think Michael reacted? (Vicca and Nikita might ring a bell for some of you old timers here.) Yep. Michael liked Faith — a lot.

You may have heard a bit about Faith and Ninn Worx before, so we won’t cover all of that again, but last we saw her was over several hours of contract discussions in Las Vegas at the AEE. Faith and her husband had pretty much decided that if the Michael deal fell through they were just going to move back to Colorado and get on with their lives. Smart people have an easier time with this decision, as probably does not surprise you for a change.

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Now, mostly because of timing and the now infamous Ninn Worx “cash flow problems” that ultimately buried them, the deal did fall through, and off to Colorado went the happy couple. Imagine our surprise then when we just heard Michael had “Through Her Eyes, 2” as one of the last movies he completed. Sadly we had long since jumped off the NW_SR boat, actually before it really sailed, and we didn’t have the same welcome on Ninn shoots that we had enjoyed for a decade and a half. So we didn’t get to talk to Faith and find out what changed their minds. That’s always an interesting question, by the way, and there are lots and lots of places that we can talk to Faith, so now we have a mission to find out. We just love missions that involve beautiful women. It’s kind of a thing with us. Go figure.

And what do we know about “Puma Swede” other than the fact that she certainly goes on the list of Porn Women with Silly Names? Well, she comes to us (so to speak) at a relatively diminutive 5’10” tall, but that’s it. We know nothing else. Don’t know her at all, and when you see her clips here you’ll understand that this is more than a little bit sad too.

[You can obviously see more of Faith — and meet Puma — if you JOIN, of course, and we equally obviously hope you do that. Having said that, please feel no pressure to do so, and drop by here any time to see what you can learn for free. We’re fine with that. Times are tough. Just never lose Faith (or Faith Leon).]

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