Lesbian Bush Worship Still

Two in the Bush Worship

Willow Hayes and Ela DarlingLesbian Bush Worship

envisioned by filly films

It turns out that Lesbian Bush Worship has nothing whatsoever to do with former U.S. Presidents, camping or spending time in the great outdoors. In fact, it has nothing to do with politics or horticulture at all. Imagine our surprise.

Here we thought we were going to have a massive impact on the country by turning the political rhetoric away from concrete vs. steel slats. We thought we might be able to — at least for a little while — help people pay a little attention to what has been happening to the environment. Accomplishing such a task with a leader that does not understand the difference between climate and the weather can be challenging, after all. We wanted to do our part anyway, though. If everyone just cared about our planet as a whole maybe 10% more, we could accomplish amazing things.

We appear to have miscalculated this time around, sadly. That does not diminish some of the contributions to one’s life possible as we “TOC” today, however. [For the uninitiated that stands for Table of Contents, a Risqué section devoted to full movie reviews, obviously enhanced by keen insights and pithy editorial commentary. What else would be the point, after all?]

Perhaps a few fine examples of women worrying about things other than border security might be just the ticket. For the record, as far as we know, everyone participating today does happen to be an American citizen, but honestly we never asked. Law-abiding people working, paying their taxes, and contributing to the social good seemed quite enough for us. Go figure.

As a matter of fact, we do know of political activism on the parts of at least two people in this cast, and another happens to be an avid rescuer of animals. You can look great naked, be rather comfortable having sex in front of a camera, and still have a brain. Sometimes it appears people miss that little detail. Granted the ad-lib scenarios here do not exactly give the women a chance to shine. Other than a very tame master/slaves attempt, the only one with even a little talking has two women showering in their panties, because that happens all the time. Right? Maybe they’re cutting down on laundry?

Even More Risque:  Keeping the Faith

Whatever the case, the other two scenes just drop us in en medias lez, so we’re kind of left to figure out the theory behind the actions on our own. Oddly enough, we feel pretty close to the same way about the elected leaders in Washington, although to give credit where due, the current Executive Branch still makes way better entertainment tv from a level of pure fascination.

Granted, our current nationally-elected leader may not be all that great at governing, per se, but he sure can whip up a darned fine reality show. Too bad the founders of the Constitution did not spend a little more time in front of the television: They could have seen this coming and maybe done something to protect against it a bit. … It wouldn’t really have mattered anyway, perhaps. …

chaos in a cage

Entropy, baby. Entropy. … At some point, it all becomes physics. Or maybe physical. Many things tend to become that too.

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