Priya Rai in Blue & Orange

Priaya Rai in Blue & Orange, Baby!

Priya Rai surrounded by Blue and OrangeEd vs. Op Ed

by Edit Oreal

Even around the Risqué halls, current events will sometimes force their way into a topic of conversation. While we tend to avoid political discourse — for many reasons, not the least of which being a common dearth of beautiful naked people — we rather freely lapse into football conversations. Truth be told a couple of us “lapse” altogether too much for the tastes of some of the folks — color them less enlightened — in the office, but as with any aficionado on any topic, we always manage to quite happily ignore them. It’s a gift.

Why just this week we watched a director completely cancel a location for his $50,000 movie because “the WiFi there sucks” which meant he could not watch the NFL while on set Sunday.

You see, sports are fun, and they can serve a great therapeutic goal: Spend three hours yelling at a TV screen like the world will end if some striped fellow (who obviously cannot hear you) does not call pass interference, and afterwards … well, you feel cleansed somehow. Granted, the “happy cleanse” of winning always beats that “icky cleanse” of losing, but for just a little while all that really mattered was an itty-bitty meaningless game being played by freak humanoids sacrificing their future for crazy money. For a bit, life was simple.

Wardrobes change this time of year too, which can be a bit challenging depending upon one’s favorite team. If they happen to be, say, blue and orange, well, you might need to be a bit careful about not letting that overwhelm everything you do for the next four months — five if the Fates grant you a season where you can continue to be wholeheartedly annoying until almost Valentine’s Day. … You could, for example, get a little Blue and Orange happy.

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Technically borrowing a ReelRisque scene from a couple of years back, we even managed to find this suitable Blue and Orange — in capitalized and in color now, don’t you know — video scene. We have no earthly idea whether Priya Rai knows anything at all about American Football, but we have no shortage of fine people willing to teach her.


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