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Ally Kay meets Ginger LynnIcon Interaction

by Nobody Special

“I know who you are.” … And thus nearly every Icon Interaction traditionally begins.

In our circumstance today as well, that pretty much says it all and sets the mood for this little diddy of copious diddling. (Take THAT, boring video editor people that think they can write. Ha!) … Before we get to that, though, it might be fun to do a little thinking. We do that. What can we say? So, then, if you’ll give us a few minutes…

A lot of us have probably seen “a famous person” out in public somewhere — an athlete, a movie or tv star, a politician (yes, those do in fact qualify as famous people in some circles). A lot of us can relate to that moment where your brain processes the person in front of you, recognizes the face, and then immediately jumps to the most relevant question of, “What in the world is s/he doing here?” Granted, a lot of us go to entire conventions constructed around the basic premise that regular people will get to at least see, and maybe even meet, famous people. If you see one not at a convention, though, it tends to be an entirely different experience. I once saw Michelle Pfeiffer quite early in the morning at a grocery store in Malibu, and very nearly knocked over an entire rack of tortillas. And I was not even shopping for tortillas on this day.

Like most situations in life, though, stand on the other side, and the perspective changes a lot. Now it does not take an advanced degree in higher mathematics to figure out that people become actors and actresses in no small part because they want to become rich and famous. Sure, if you have a knack for it, pretending to be someone else entirely for a small amount of time can provide a unique kind of rush, particularly if you do it well enough that people believe the role. Still, money and attention tend to be the dominant motivators for any budding on-camera contestant. Although, should you be successful, at some point you may be wondering why the heck you ever wanted to do this in the first place.

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People stare. People stare, and get quiet, and nudge each other and point. And then people generally start whispering (or just talking) rapidly and urgently to each other. This will happen every single time you leave your home. Depending upon what crazy friends your invited guests bring along, it may even happen in your home. When Juli Ashton was at the height of her Playboy TV popularity, we took some well-deserved time off over a season break (although technically we were filming for Essentially Juli, so “time off” might not be quite the most accurate term). The fact remains, that Juli and I were eating breakfast on an outdoor patio at a teeny-tiny little hotel on the island of Fiji when a Canadian couple came up and asked for Juli’s autograph. (Fiji happens to be over 5,500 miles away from Los Angeles, for the geographically challenged out there.) Someone once looked through the windshield of the car while we were stopped at a red light, then walked over and knocked on the window, asking for an autograph as well. In simple terms, Fame can be a bitch of a thing.

I will say that fame in the adult industry has one public aspect that not even the most famous Hollywood star can enjoy, though. You will be out in public, and inevitably someone will recognize you as a star they have seen on screen. You can see the look in their eyes when people realize that they know you. (Because most people are terrible actors.) In the case of a XXX star, however, you get a very different and generally much more amusing look fairly quickly after that, “Hey, I know you!” expression. This one comes when they realize HOW they know you. Some people will literally blush and run away at that point — and some people will ask for even more autographs for their friends. So there’s that.

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Icon Interaction Intermission

So there you have maybe some new things to think about in your career-choosing moments.

For all you aspiring actors and actresses out there, this old dude can offer up one bit of reality, if not necessarily advice. Only a tiny percentage of the aspiring actor pool ever reaches enough “riches” to truly be able to avoid “the public” all the time. But even that too has a price. Enough money can buy you solitude, but that differs greatly from privacy. Think about that before you throw all your chips into the pot.

OH! We almost forgot to mention: Ally Kay meets Ginger Lynn on this day. You’ll recognize a good bit of the emotion, because as a rule, although our industry does not really possess terrific actors — at least on a Hollywood Elite scale — we do play ourselves on camera better than almost anyone.

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