The Bisexual Conundrum

Bi Bisexual Birdies

Scripted Bisexual BehaviorThe Bisexual Conundrum

by Closet Ted

Perhaps we simply do not fully comprehend the bisexual world. Perhaps bisexual women simply have an easier time — or fear rejection less — than bisexual men. You will not generally hear a conversation between men in a communal shower, for example, that begins, “So do you like guys?” … Or maybe that just depends on the shower.

Whatever the case, I remember trying to wrap my head around the industry system when I first started in the business.

“So,” I inquired, “if you have heterosexual sex and girl/girl sex in the same show, that is a straight movie. If you have heterosexual sex and boy/boy sex in the same release, however, that makes it a gay movie.”

The answer: “Yes.”

(As a matter of context, please understand that I started a really, really long time ago when both video and video stores existed.) Consequently I continued trying to alleviate my confusion. “But in the video stores, they have a special gay section. However, if they have a movie that has only lesbian sex in it, that still goes in the straight movie part of the store?”

The answer: “Yes.”

[This point presented itself as an excellent opportunity to illustrate with “avid bisexual” performer Asa Akira and her at least professionally bisexual friend Devi Emerson. The ladies showed up in this original article on together, and we would have included more pictures of Devi, but it seems the clothing did not last very long once they both got into the same room. Go figure.]

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