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Saving Face a la Risque

[As mentioned should you have happened to get here via a direct or social media promotion, we’re doing a bit of training here, essentially demonstrating how presentation can affect impact, and thus ultimately success. Should you have spent some time on ReelRisque.com, you may have already seen this article. Of course, should you be a Risqué Member, you will already learned about Saving Face way back on a Friday the 13th right before Tax Day in April. Should you be approaching this fresh, by the way, that last detail may prove helpful.]

Hunter BryceA Point of Presentation

by Faciem Pulchra

We did not accidentally pick Friday, April 13th as the perfect day to debut our new Risqué Table of Contents featuring Hunter Bryce; no we did not. A great many Americans could well feel this exact sentiment on this weekend before taxes are due, after all. Of course none of us can really go down to our local Internal Revenue Service branch — or whatever equivalent we may have near us — and start yelling out things like, “In your face!”

Yeah, well, so we probably could do that, but it really would likely not qualify as an excellent idea in many books. But golly would it not feel nice, though? Consequently, we came up with something to serve as a (hopefully) major distraction while maintaining our dedication to the theme.

When you approach the concept with, well, mayhem as a matter of fact, you can probably figure out the general course of action simply from the title. As an interesting side note, this happened to be the exact sort of scenario which motivated us to create “Risque TOC” in the first place. … OK, so that may not be all that interesting, but 10 women just waltzing up to the camera and giving enthusiastic blow jobs? THAT qualifies as interesting, at least in these adult circles.

Even More Risque:  The Jamie Huxley Conundrum

Sure they all have unique “play-ins” — as we sometimes term them — but if you enjoy male faces, and male butts, and anything other than very specifically male parts, you will do well to skip these ten scenes. You will not see any of that here. If you consider yourself a gonzo plot person, though — in other words, you do not know what non-sequitur means, nor do you care — you may find yourself thrilled on an intellectual level here (as well as, y’know, levels a bit lower on the body). For those unfamiliar with this concept, we offer the following quotes.

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