Holly West Saving Face

Saving Face a la Risque

We Cannot — Nor Need We — Make These Things Up

  1. Scene 01 — "Damn. I’m only human. Look at you.”
  2. Scene 02 — “Since, y’know, you got me this cute outfit, I figured maybe I’d get you something back.”
  3. Scene 03 — “Oh, my. What are you wearing there?”
  4. Scene 04 — “I’m feeling kind of dirty, and, uh, I want you to join me.”
  5. Scene 05 — “Lie down here, and I’ll show you something.”
  6. Scene 06 — “Yeah, you like that baby?”
  7. Scene 07 — “Gawd, dude, I fuckin’ hate this pool job.”
  8. Scene 08 — “I’m just here to fix your sink.”
  9. Scene 09 — “Well, you don’t have to do any work; I’ll do all the work.”
  10. Scene 10 — “Babe, whatcha doin’; I’m tryin’ to sleep.”

Seriously. We did not make any of those up. We also did not notify the Academy or the Pulitzer committee. We did, however, decide to put in a quick selection in tryptich form. These represent screen grabs which admittedly lack in photographic quality, but they present some noteworthy moments in time nonetheless. Honestly, finding dressed shots at all in this collection did not qualify as the easiest task we have ever undertaken here. Granted, the presence of Hunter Bryce did make it more enjoyable overall — at least for us.

Phoenix Marie, Cayden Moore, Evie Delatosso

For our part, we just love the ones that smile. Hey, it’s sex. If you’re doing it right, it should not be all that serious. It can be wonderfully intimate, sure, but fun counts for a lot in the truly memorable category. Draw your own conclusions if you wish; or commit to the XXX and just have fun. Many of us have committed to taking this particular trip at least a few times over the coming months. Basically, we’re off to see the Jizzard. [For the record, we included that last line under protest. You do need to throw the new ones a bone — as it were — every now and again.]

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