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by Nobody Special

[These illustrations will make more sense as we continue here, but basically they come from a sadly little-known — and quite expensive, even by today’s standards — movie named Screen Play.]

Head Trip was a long time ago, not so much in years but in “movie sets” time. For awhile there I was on at least three or four sets a week, and this lasted for more than ten years. Over the last few years it has slowed down a lot, and now if we do that many a month it qualifies as a busy period away from the computers. Still, those memorable times in life tend to stick with us, and the Head Trip director, Justin Sterling definitely fills a few of those.

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Mickey G and Taren Steele

[Speaking of sadly and little-known, too many people have yet to meet Taren Steele. Now you can proudly claim to be in the educated group. How many times does that happen in life? Obviously we were not required to illustrate this particular historic editorial, but at some level we remain simple creatures built on old-school foundation: It’s the web. It should have pictures. … ]

Back when we were shooting this show, Justin was moving “up” in the porn world. He had been friends with Michael Ninn since his early teen years, and Michael was making big waves at VCA. Justin brought his considerable skills to the company as well. Also back then, Justin’s “real” name was Ted, which only becomes important later.

I will say that in all the years I’ve been doing this, Ted certainly ranks as one of the most intelligent, personable, and creative people I’ve ever met. Although this last characteristic may not always work to his benefit.


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