Chasey Lain

Chasey Lain

Lain and Laid (pause) Off

by Ol’ Der & Weye Ser

Chasey Lain and Steve O. in the Rockies, some time before the relationship turned that way.Pictured: Chasey Lain and (Wicked Pictures Owner) Steve Orenstein in the Rockies, some time before the relationship turned that way. …

[It seems we have yet another oddity out here on the free side, which may or may not make any sense. Since that’s our general approach to life, though, we decided just to run with it. Imagine that. … Basically, you have below the opening movement of what turned out to be a little Chasey Lain Concerto by the time we were finished. It may encourage you to join for a month if only to see the end of the story. It may annoy you because we decided not to publish the several thousand words out here on the free blog. Or it may genuinely have no influence on your life whatsoever. We think that pretty much sums up the potential range in this instance, and after we get back from the Vegas AEE in January, we’ll see what happened. … If it fails somehow, then at least we gave something new a shot. We try never to repeat anything we’ve done wrong previously, obviously. We always strive for new and improved mistakes.]

PART ONE of Chasey Lain

We mentioned Chasey Lain’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and, yes, it really does fall on Pearl Harbor Day. (Who says God doesn’t have a sense of irony?) Consequently it got me to thinking back on the extraordinary lass. In case you don’t know, as you get older you don’t even have to smoke a lot of pot in order to sort of zone off on life for long periods of time. (Again, S/He with the sense of irony.)

Now Chasey’s adult industry involvement over the last couple of years (at least) have not been all that complimentary to her, to put it mildly. True, she did have a rather spectacular fall into drug-induced professional chaos, but depending upon how sensitive and accepting you happen to be toward the medical term “addiction” you may not have “blamed” Chasey completely As you may suspect, I, for example, never have. I have met a great many people over the years addicted to a great many things, most of which, by the way, don’t happen to be illegal. Let’s just say that the condition evokes sadness from me a lot more easily than it does condemnation as a rule.

Even More Risque:  Sharing Spectacularly

Also as you may suspect, Chasey’s a very long and complicated story in the risqué world. After all, I met her as an anonymous house dancer in an obscure titty bar out in Florida, and eventually shepherded her through the industry mass on her first trip to LA, ultimately setting up the deals with both Wicked and (eventually) Vivid. Strange as it may seem to an outsider, I’ve felt emotional ranges from happily content to clammy and chagrined when it comes to my decision to assist Ms. Lain over the years. If you’re ever thinking about Porn Star Management as a career, you should understand that as ecstatic as your clients may indeed be as their careers blossom in XXX, the vast majority of them will leave the industry with a sour taste in their mouths about the decisions they have made, and you’ll be a quite prominent target for their newfound ire. (Yeah, let’s go with ire … .)


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