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The Man Eric Masterson

Kristal SummersBeing on Kristal — kind of

by Steve

Friday of AEE week brought a not entirely unexpected surprise for me: I was selected to shoot the BTS stuff for a couple scenes Kristal was shooting. [We could be getting predictable in our advancing age. Now at least we know we should do something about that.] Normally Mav or DM would be tabbed for such an assignment, but they were both involved in another shoot with Shayla at another location. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. [And make no mistake: Steve has lots of experience saying, “Yes!” really, really quickly.]

The Master Man Masterson

Kristal and I were to meet Eric Masterson at his hotel around 1:00 PM. I guess we should have realized cabs might not be as available at the Gold Coast as other more popular hotels, and we had to wait a good 30 minutes, which made us not-so-fashionably late. If we’d been thinking, we just would have walked across the street to the Palms and grabbed a cab immediately. [Strangely enough, spending time with Kristal can make one’s reasoning process sort of take a vacation. Hard to argue with anyone falling victim.] Fortunately, Eric’s dealt with the Risqué crowd for many years, and with Kristal keeping him apprised of our progress, he wasn’t upset.

Not only had I never been to the hotel, I don’t remember even hearing of it before. It must be popular with “people in the know,” though, because the cab line was bustling as we pulled up. Before Kristal could even get out, two attendants were there to help her. [Well, she looks like a big gambler, and all … ] It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with a glamorous porn star, but it doesn’t take long to get used to the immediate and over-the-top attention. One of the attendants insisted he walk us through the hotel to the bank of elevators where we were to meet Eric, and he kept up a running dialogue with Kristal the entire time. For some odd reason, he wasn’t very interested in talking to me. [He was probably intimidated by Steve’s obvious mental prowess.]

Even More Risque:  Hammock Dee Lights (Upon)

Eric Masterson ViewWhen Eric arrived, we were whisked up 20-something floors to a really nice one-bedroom suite. It even had a full kitchen, although apparently nothing to actually cook with. Originally the hotel was to include a number of condominium units, of which this must have been one, but plans changed after the economic downturn and everything became hotel rooms. Eric theorized that if you actually wanted to cook, the hotel would be happy to furnish pots and pans at an additional charge. They’re big on additional charges in Vegas. [Of course this only applies should you not be Kristal Summers. Strangely enough she seems to get a lot of things for free. She has benevolent eyes, you know.]

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