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The State of the State of Kristal Summers

Maverick Sojourns

by Oui Begin

Kristal SummersIf you’ve been a member here for some time, you’ve learned how our lives operate, at least on some level. It’s a bizarre way to live, to say the least.

Well, we’ve given you the preliminary warning about the first of the massive AEE reports that we’re likely to see, and so as you’re catching your breath, we thought we’d give you a nice little pause in the action to consider how things work in “La Vida Risqué” — to coin a phrase for it. Back when Kristal Summers lived at the house she used to wear some darling sleep wear, which may come as a surprise to some of you. The image of porn stars always hanging around in skimpy lingerie really only exists in the pages of “letters” in men’s magazines we’d have to say. Still, if you imagine Anais running around in just an oversized t-shirt with nothing on underneath it, you’ll probably understand that you don’t really need Victoria’s Secret to get to the point of devastatingly sexy around here.

Eventually Kristal moved on into her own place, and naturally being friends, we helped her with the decidedly unsavory task of moving. You’ve heard the philosophy that a friend with help you move, and a good friend will help you move a body, right? Now as far as we know Kristal’s never needed to move a body, but she does have a happy tendency to show of hers in the middle of what could be a boring task. Certainly what it lacks in intellectual stimulation it more than makes up for in …well, just awesomeness, we’d say. If you get to pick your friends, picking them like Kristal seems like a fine idea.

[Photos deleted from Free Side blog. Sensitive eyes, y’know?]

The Sad Current State of Kristal Summers

Now Kristal’s not coming back into the active fold soon (at least as far as she’s indicated so far), but we did receive a quite interesting call this past week from someone that you’ll definitely remember around here. We have a few details to work out, but once again it looks like an interesting month coming up. We have so many large projects in the queue that it will honestly seem wonderful to go back to dealing in a much less technically challenging area. … Beautiful naked woman. Write down what she says. Show her off. … That will be a pleasant change for sure.

Even More Risque:  Heather Vuur

risque imageSpeaking of complicated tasks, we did feel a need to include this final photograph that D.Minion has seen fit (minus the editorial comments in this jpeg) to print up and put right by the door where folks wander in to work. She’s not heavily involved in the more esoteric Search Engine, Site Navigation, and general Geek Code Tasks around here, so she’s continually lobbying for more traditional adult web site focus as we try to allocate our time. Should you agree with her, she’d love to hear from you, so feel free to drop her an email and let her know. We should warn you, however, that if you do encourage her, odds seem pretty good that we’re going to have to keep listening to Sonny and Cher every Friday in the office.

Be really, really sure of your opinion. OK?


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