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Kristal SummersKristal Summers Poses During Erotica LA

by D.Minion

I was just hanging around my hotel room in Los Angeles during Erotica LA, when a gorgeous porn star knocked on my door and insisted we take photos and video of her! [Right. And none of the “reality” shows on television work from scripts. Nope. … That’s all 100% real. We swear.]

The beautiful porn star was Kristal Summers, and Mav and I decided that we’d like nothing better! (OK, we’d set this photo session up weeks ago, but we were still thrilled to see our beautiful friend Kristal!) [Drat. There she goes giving away secrets again.]

Lucky set up the lights and snapped a few glamour shots, but then left most of the session to Mav and me. There’s only so much space in a hotel room, after all! [As I recall, I wasn’t really invited to this little soiree, as it seems only trained professionals were to attend. I’d accuse DM and Mav of selfish intent, but that would be wrong. Maybe I just remember incorrectly. … Uh-huh. And all the reality shows on TV are actually real.]

kristal summerskristal summers

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