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Dane Cross Deigns to be Great

Ready for Dane CrossBeing on Kristal II — still kind of

by Steve

The second scene involved Kristal and male star Dane Cross, who had arrived just after the first scene wrapped. Barrett Blade was directing. I’ve seen him around for years, but never met him. With his spiked blond hair and tats, he looked like he might be trouble, but as happens so often in porn, he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. [Technically he could have been nicer by requesting that Kristal give Steve a big ol’ kiss on the mouth, but things probably worked out for the best. Focus can occasionally become an issue when writers get thrust into the photographer role. We probably should not try and thrust them into anything else.]

That Great Dane

The scene was to take place in the en suite bathroom, which was a problem for me. I’d had complete access for stills and video for the first scene because it took place in the living room area. But the bathroom wasn’t very big to begin with, and with two actors, a camera on a tripod, and Barrett directing, there was no room for Mr. BTS. I was able to grab a couple shots of Kristal before they started, and a little of the setup, which again took place in the living room, but once they moved to the bathroom, I could only listen to what was going on. [Only in this business will you find someone being sad because they could only hear what was going on in a bathroom. What a weird life.]

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