Kristal Summers Rocks!

Rock Hard Sex

by Just Plum Nome

kristal summersApparently we’re secretly running Alex Sanders week here in the communes, as Cytherea just posted a feature with Alex as well, but we really didn’t plan it that way. [If you have been a member for any time at all, you certainly can vouch for the fact that we consider planning to get in the way of all the stream of consciousness wonderment that working in adult can provide. Also, even as a group we tend to have pretty bad memories. Consequently, all “planning” operations must bear that in mind.] So …

What if you have a rock and a hard place stuck between you? That sounds like it might be unpleasant, right? Well, according to Kristal, in this case it most definitely was not. Back before he was even officially “Steve” — and thus fair game for all sorts of taunting — “SteveD” covered the shoot in question today because D.Minion apparently wanted to go half way around the world to play with kangaroos and koalas. [Well, she had Devinn Lane and Sydnee Steele too. That probably didn’t hurt.]

You can read about the experience [HERE — Members Only] if you have thus far somehow missed making your way all the way back to 2003 on the site, or you can simply watch the (hard-to-find) video we unearthed recently. Personally I’d opt for the video only option, not that SteveD stories are not wonderful — indeed they are, and remarkably so — but the site back then lacked a certain finesse, so if you insist on going back that far, at least be prepared to shrink your browser window so you can read much more easily. [When you make someone put a link to an old story in a post, they’re not supposed to whine about the way things looked back then. I really need to be more careful in my emails.]

More interesting, at least to those of us that did not get to have sex with Kristal Summers on that day, apparently this happened to be the shoot where Julia Ann “fell for” director Michael Raven. The couple eventually wed, as you may know.

Even More Risque:  Love Day

Of course Kristal doesn’t do many movies made up to look like a rock, and Julia no longer calls herself Mrs. Raven [She did have a shirt made that said that, come to think of it. She used to wear it on his sets when she visited, as if people might be mean to her otherwise.], but the post today talks about relationships too, so it seemed like at least a functional transitionary fact.

It may not always be perfectly clear, but each individual star in the risqué commune system very clearly sets her own standards and publication parameters. Shayla, for example, feels very strongly [and rightly so, probably] that people do not visit adult web sites to “think” per se, and thus we hone our focus on her site to smooth out any prickly details that might interfere with that goal. As a result, the very interesting anecdote involving Deidre Holland and Jon Dough lacked what at least some of us thought to be a most relevant fact. You see, that couple also divorced in fairly short order, but some years later [while married to another woman] Jon committed suicide. You leave facts like that out, and you may not be telling the whole story.

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