For Whom the Belles Toil

Anais on set for Michael NinnArt is Pain … Sort of

by D.Minion


It was time for another of Michael Ninn’s Fem series, his titles devoted to lesbian love. And what better women to star in Fem: Bella than three of his Contract Girls, Anais, Wanda Curtis, and Angel Cassidy. [Well, Sela Ward comes to mind, but that’s probably not what D.Minion meant. (I know: I’m probably dating myself with that comment, and I’ll probably go blind if I keep doing that … .)]

The hour was late as the ladies entered the dark outdoor “studio,” but they were raring to go! Anais, Wanda, and Angel were dressed in (respectively), red, silver, and black. They all looked amazing! Each put on angel wings for her solo. Three pairs of wings at $700 each. That’s $2100 just for WINGS!! And people wonder why Ninn’s movies are so incredible! Production value is important! [And he obviously shoots on some wings and a prayer. (Sometimes I can’t help myself, you know.)]

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As the girls watched each other, talk was about the costumes. The ladies don’t have an ounce of fat among them, but the costumes were TIGHT! “I feel like a sausage,” Wanda laughed. R-I-I-I-G-H-T! [I love sausage, at least the Wanda kind. Did I mention?]

risque imageAfter a Victoria’s Secret   type of “fashion show” wearing the wings, the wings were removed for the three-way. Clothes fell to the ground as the girls giggled and groped each other. It was a happy group! [Well, it was as happy as you can be when you’re cold and tired, and it’s the middle of the night after a long day. Sometimes things work out that way in this business.]

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