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For Whom the Belles Toil

Art is Pain … Sort of by D.Minion DAY ONE It was time for another of Michael Ninn’s Fem series, his titles devoted to lesbian love. And what better women to star in Fem: Bella than three of his Contract Girls, Anais, Wanda Curtis, and Angel Cassidy. [Well, Sela Ward comes to mind, but that’s […]

And Then Along Came Georgia Jones

Maybe ‘Tis Better Not to Have Loved by Nobody Special Heterosexual relationships can tricky, with no small amount of “drama” often a large part of the equation. If you have ever been close with a gay couple, though, you know that compared to them, all of our love issues seem about as substantive as cotton […]

Purely Feminine Fatale

Where There’s a Wile There’s a Wary by Nobody Special In rather atypical fashion the folks around here have been trying to keep me focused a bit. The story (as we observed it only, naturally) of the “Jana – Georgia – Faye” progression seems particularly fascinating to the newer people in the office, but maybe […]

Sacred Heather Vuur

[Michael Ninn has just announced a deal to shoot his first major feature film on U.S. soil (well, part of it — the movie, and the soil) in over three years. In honor of this happy occasion, we have decided to run a bit of the coverage from his last major U.S. feature, you know, […]