Purely Feminine Fatale

Where There’s a Wile There’s a Wary

by Nobody Special

Jana CovaIn rather atypical fashion the folks around here have been trying to keep me focused a bit. The story (as we observed it only, naturally) of the “Jana – Georgia – Faye” progression seems particularly fascinating to the newer people in the office, but maybe that makes sense. For just over two decades I’ve been telling people that they’re looking at women who decide to get into porn performance from a fundamentally skewed perspective. These women simply don’t differ all that much from any of the rest of us. They have the same hopes, dreams, fears, and insecurities as we all do; they’re just not very shy. At least they’re not shy about all of the things that most people seem to be.

Take away the “I’m perfectly comfortable having sex with a room full of people recording the action” point of view, though, and you’ll find some of the more introverted and self-protected individuals than you’d generally see in a random group. Porn Stars keep their personal lives very closely guarded as a rule. Just look at the way they choose their “professional” names. At one point in our history we had a Tiffany, a Misty, a Tara, and a Cher as clients – at the same time. And those are their legal names. Yet each of them chose a different name to work under.

Trippy, right?

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[You may be familiar with our standards on free areas of the web, but if not we can explain it relatively simply: You will see titillating galore at free risque, but you will not see tit. … OK. Obviously we have no problem with crass puns, but you get the point. Inadvertent promotion of a prurient interest in prose seems like a pretty low risk given today’s Internet.]

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